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Court Tells Obama: Eat Your Own Darn Peas

Davole Wrote: Apr 06, 2012 9:34 AM
The 5th Circuit Federal Appeals Court Judge Jerry Smith has effectively dragged Barack Obama, the pompous bully-in-chief, to the ole woodshed for a well-deserved lesson in respect for the Supreme Court. After being duly and soundly spanked, Barack Obama is now hopping about in a pitiful attempt to imitate the Easter Bunny!

Thanks to goodness we have Obama to provide us with the many teachable moments in his personal journey of discovery as president of the United States.

The country may not be better off, but at least Obama is growing as a person.

And why wouldn’t he?

He’s personally taken out the world’s largest student loan to cover the four year period of instruction. His $5 trillion in student loan debt disguised as a deficit may not seem economical, but when were student loans ever supposed to have anything to do with economics? They are just resources meant...