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Beware Electronic Voting

davishipps Wrote: Oct 03, 2012 8:21 AM
I submit no conservative can explain the answer to your question because the premise of your question is flawed. Which regulations were removed that would have prevented "this mess." The Republicans in Congress from 2001-2007 added 14,000 pages to the federal register (a 20% increase). How did "giving more money to the rich" help cause it? The Bush tax cuts affected everyone, rich or poor. Which social programs have been cut? Republicans added the Medicare Prescription Drug program, but I can think of no programs that were cut. Having said all that, none of those things "got us into this mess." This mess was caused by monetary expansion by the Fed providing incentives to mortgage lenders to make bad loans.

To paraphrase 15th Century Dutch Philosopher Erasmus’ well-known characterization of women -- "technology, can't live with it, can't live without it." Ever since the debacle that was the vote counting in Florida a dozen years ago, virtually every jurisdiction in the country has moved away from some form of manual voting machine to embrace the technology of electronic voting ("e-voting" for short).

Yet, as states and local elections offices have spent millions of taxpayer dollars to institute e-voting, little attention has been paid the potential dangers inherent in this form of vote counting. Indeed, even as many Republican voters and...