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Not many of those people have the physical strength to fight, either. Starve the masses, disarm the masses and then purge the masses.
That would be the security meetings.
While she's dictating to you and your kids what they can and cannot eat, there was a picture on Drudge of her little man stuffing his pie hole with french fries.
Storm Washington!!
Sweetheart, you need to look beyond your plate. The First Lady, NOT and elected official, is weilding power she doesn't have. That is first and foremost, she is not an elected official.
She does have a lazy eye, look close.
Actually, that would be sexism since I have seen beyond the color of her skin and am looking at the content of her character.
Government schools are funded with your private property, your money. Just sending them to private schools won't cut it. The First Lady is NOT an elected official yet she is enacting policies. That is how this needs to be seen, she hasn't been elected for anything!!!
Some comments say that Michelle is ugly or fat. Actually, she is a very pretty girl who happens to be the wife of the "President". She is not an elected official with the authority to enact policies, she's a pretty girl who should sit behind her man with hands folded in her lap, ankles neatly crossed and the only reason we should see those beautiful white teeth is because of that big smile. She needs to remember her place.
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