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The NAACP is merely a mirror of every liberal group in existence, especially the feminists whose only real concern is women who share their liberal ideology, others are fair game to be tread upon. Similarly the NAACP never stood up against apartheid because blacks in east africa can't vote Democrat. They just use an "Apartheid Card" whenever business is slow and they want to drum up some hate.
In other words girls, if you have to make a stand, make it about something that matters? Or take it out on the women who allow themselves to be ogled in such a way. You ever been to a beach in Florida? Go there, buy a hot dog from, or have your picture taken by, a sexy, nearly naked female vendor. Who is objectifying whom?
Ouch! Can not Mr. Giles be allowed a small, and ultimately inconsequential, slip of the finger on the keys? Instead of addressing the topic of the article you attack his grammar? What are you, Miranda, a leftie?
Hiding behind the Constitution while doing dirty work has always been a staple on the left. It's been working for them, too. Is it any wonder that American Islam is doing the same thing?
I wonder what kind of promises (read that as "lies") Brown told them to lure them back to CA. California's corporate tax system makes the federal system look mild and fair.
We already know what he will do. He'll hem and haw, say some pretty words, make some mild "threats".....and go golfing. That's Obama's M.O.
Elections didn't help in 2012. We just ended up with the same bizaaro President. Elections no longer work because both sides offer the same people over and over, What needs to be done is a forced firing of all of the party-animals-in-charge and start fresh with *real* Patriots. 5 million might be just right.
This bozo knows he won't have to face ISIS. He also knows his t-shirt is legal in America, so he won't have to face anyone here either. Just another coward.
Canada has replaced America as "the Land of Opportunity" and BK will most likely prosper there. The thing is, even if they prosper, Liberal America will just turn around and tariff the heck out of their imports "to protect domestic manufacturers" so America loses again. The trouble here is that here in America, even if you manage to grow your company despite our draconian tax laws, the left will start boycotting you as an 'evil' corporation. It's the definition of a lose-lose situation. This way, they can implement growth without America's business-killing taxes. Thanks, liberals, for all you've done.
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