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My first thought is "Oh God. Another freaking war in the Mid East." But then, if we had shown some intestinal fortitude anywhere in the world in the past 6 years, maybe ISIS would have hesitated. Probably not, ISIS sounds like rabid animals. As much as I dislike Obama, I am relieved that he is finally trying to show the world that America hasn't lost its cojones. This should have happened 2 months ago or earlier. It's probably too late for anything like a clean action. It's definitely too late for a lot of tortured and dead Iraqi folks Christian and Muslim alike.
I don't know what's worse Michael, but I do know that if you point at a republican you have to determine if he's a liar. With a Democrat it's easy; yes, he or she is a liar.
Of course gillick will rake the republicans over the coals if the situation were reversed, he's a liberal and you know their motto; "Double Standards R Us". Heck libs believe their own lies and then belittle the republican they lied about.
But of course there will be no backlash. Most gun enthusiasts are conservative and truly respect the wishes of others, especially in their own establishments. Liberqals, not so much. If the story were reversed, if it were some company asking liberals to give up something, there would be weeks of protests, one-sided media coverage, vandalism and death threats. JUST LIKE ALWAYS!
..as the DOJ told Huff Po? Are you kidding? Partisan liars telling partisan liars? That won't produce any truths. No one with a brain believes anything coming from either source. I could tell you were a Huff Po fangirl Lois because of the way you started your comment with an insult. That's the mark of a liberal you know.
The author needs to spell-check his submissions. In Obama's case, the words :Double Standard?" is NOT spelled with a question mark. That would be an exclamation point.
Yeah, let's do that. What America needs right now are more loosely-organized low-information-voter mobs. The Tea Party was the most successful community organization conservatives ever started and look what they are being portrayed as, evil, gun-toting, racist so and so's. These folks truly believe we are evil and many wish us death! Does America need more side-picking? While in my opinion, conservatives are generally the more politically educated of the two factions, our country is being torn apart by partisan groups pulling in every direction imaginable, left and right. Republicans haven't shown much organization of late, either. I see no need of more 'organizations'.
Jones filibusters as much as a liberal debating welfare stats. I don't usually listen to Alex Jones, mostly because I don't need more drama in my life. I actually agree with everything he says in this interview. Jones happens to be a little more hyper than I am in debating to issues. People who disagree with the liberal agenda are ALWAYS branded as radical in one way or another. Jones is more outspoken than most, so he gets branded as a real loony, a "conspiracy theorist". Truth is, he and his listeners are not the only people talking about "another 1776". Not by a long shot. Another truth is; whether he's right in the overall picture or not, he is certainly has his facts straight. These things are happening. Why?
This is a total non-issue for more than two reasons; First, are we to hold the father responsible for the son's actions, and by that, Biden's task force? The issue of personal responsibility has always been a bone of contention between left and right. Liberals will stonewall debate on the issue and the MSM will manufacture another crisis to distract America. Like it or not, the right still doesn't have the clout to fight the MSM's propaganda machine. Second; Liberals and Democrats ALWAYS honor their rogues (criminals, liars, etc.) with promotion. It's almost a prerequisite for public office for them. In the long run, it may even be in Nee's favor to be perceived as a tarnished candidate.
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Bad Inventions

David Yatalese Wrote: Jan 03, 2013 7:22 AM
My wife has the right idea. Her phone is never on unless she wants to use it. The only way to reach her is at home, kind of like it had been for decades before mobile phones. Me? My phone is always on and I use a hands-free in the car or when doing something messy. ALL of my calls are "important" (yeah, right!)
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