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Yes, and I'm certain he'll be "just as angry as we are"... and he'll get "right to the bottom of it".
I would say, "thanks to the people who VOTED for Barack Hussein Obama".
"If you could save just ONE child, just ONE, isn't it worth trying?" Normally, this is a question fired off by liberals to promote an agenda, typically gun control. So it's a bit ironic seeing this tactic, if slightly revised, used by the liberal media against a fellow liberal. I'll tell you something right now. If Harry Reid had an "R" next to his name, I can guarantee you that his reply would've become national news, repeated day after day, hour after hour. But he's not, so don't expect this exchange to last in the news for very long.
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No More "Mr. Obama Is a Nice Guy"

David Stuart Wrote: Apr 22, 2012 9:25 AM
I'm neither a politician who worries about his office, nor am I famous and worried about my reputation, so I can say this freely and without penalty: Barack Obama is NOT a "nice guy". He is a smug, conceited, arrogant, Marxist, Chicago-style thug who puts his arm around you and smiles to your face as he sticks a knife in your back. Michelle Malkin has it right.
As a former leftist myself, I appreciate Mr. Hawkin's article... even if I'm still not religious. I recognized all of the viewpoints he presented, whether they were displayed by others, or by myself in my leftist days (I refuse to refer to them as "liberals"... they're not. I won't call them progressives... there's nothing about them that ensues "progress". Levin has a good name for them; Utopiasts. Or you can just call them Socialsists or Marxists, whatever works.
I'm honestly still trying to determine if "Honest Lib's" comment was serious, or satire. It could go either way.
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