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If the lesser charge (attempted possession) caries a penalty of 6 months in jail, why can't the defendant have a jury trial? That's the part of the story that doesn't ring true. If it's a criminal trial, the defendant has a Constitutional right to a jury trial.
Isn't 12% "one in 8", not 'one in five"?
Actually, EOs (Executive Orders) do not make law. What Obama does is issue EOs that prevent federal enforcement of current statutes. Thus, illegals can enter the country, claim political asylum and stay here at our expense. Arizona tried to pass a state law regarding illegal entry and the Obama regime fought it vigorously (even though it was merely identical to the federal statute).
Obama has gotten away with ignoring parts of federal statutes he doesn't like. What's to stop him from simply telling the US Border Patrol to stand down? The executive branch is the enforcement branch of the federal government. If it fails to enforce the law, what can be done? Nothing.
Actually, the things the Obama regime has done are NOT legal. Obama cannot pick and choose which parts of a federal statute he will enforce and which parts he won't. Obama has simply taken powers not granted by the US Constitution and no one is doing anything other than talk.
The Obama regime wants to hide its culpability under bureaucratic maneuvering, hoping that the public interest will wane in time for the November 2014 mid-term elections.
The majority of posters here on TH and elsewhere are spot on about Clapper and Obama's obfuscation regarding the scandals. The real point, however, is that the Executive Branch is the enforcement arm of the federal government and NOTHING will come of ANY "investigation" other than "nothing to see here, move on". Obama will not, unfortunately, be held accountable. We can only hope that the Congress fights a delaying tactic until the November 2014 elections and we can take back both houses of Congress in January 2015. IF THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN, the USA, as we know it, will cease to exist.
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