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Even if the HDD did crash, they had the backup tapes going back 6 months. LL's new PC or new HDD was up and running in a few days at most, not 6 months. Her emails would have then quickly been recovered back to her new PC or new HDD. I know about the servers ad nauseum I work in IT, but the STORY about the HDD just makes ZERO SENSE.
What is so funny about this is that the story line is so wrong. Folks, once the dimbulbs at the WH, the FBI, etc Figure out that this story is just a fantasy of untruths, they will have to act to give cover to those covering them. IE, Watch for some incredible event to happen, Either the server rooms in several building as are about to burn or get water damaged or there will be some huge crisis to drive all this off of America's radar screen. This story is damaging anything the WH had left as credibility and they will soon figure that out. If nothing else, Obama will be remembered as the Second Coming of Nixon. Being remembered as the Second Coming of Carter, that may be so last week now.
I apologize, instead of saying Democrats, upon further reflection, i should have just said DC. The Republicans are no better at all. For everyone in DC, the pattern is the same. Throw money, enrich your people, but dont really fix anything.
Despair, you are correct. These days it is the mantra, the goal, the ideal of DC: Throw more money at the "problem," enrich your friends, your contributors, your donors, etc. but dont fix anything because the next political wonk needs to be able to enrich his friends, his contributors, his donors, etc.
'Did you catch it? The president has spent more money on the VA than anyone else has, and to liberals that’s the solution. No concern for how the money is spent – whether it is being spent effectively, being wasted or stolen - just that it’s being spent. The appearance of caring, coupled with a big check, is enough. We see this not only in the Veteran’s Administration, but in just about everything liberals touch." Bravo!!! Derek, you cracked the code. THIS IS THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY RESPONSE TO EVERY PROBLEM. Throw tons of money at it. Reform nothing. Accomplish nothing. Enrich all your friends and contributors, BUT ABOVE ALL ELSE. LEAVE THE PROBLEM IN PLACE SO THE NEXT WONK AND ENRICH ALL HIS FRIENDS AND CONTRIBUTORS!!!! RINSE AND REPEAT, AD NAUSEUM...
touche' been thinking that since the press conference was over.
Unemployment in the black community is still14+%. That fact alone is devastating to his re-election,
Folks there is one nonchanging fact in politics: THE RACE CARD COMES OUT WHEN THE LOSING SIDE KNOWS THEY ARE ABOUT TO LOSE. It is 10+ weeks still to go and the race card is already woreout. It is only going to get worse folks.
Did you know that in US History, almost all roads were paid for by private investors.
"There you go again," POTUS' pronouns show that if he was talking about "Roads & Bridges" then the statememnt would have said "You didnt build them, or those" etc. Instead, he clearly said "You didnt build THAT." a singular pronoun that when diagrammed reflects to "BUSINESS." Finally Mrs Woods was right. Diagramming sentences paid off!!! Thanks to my my 10th grade English Teacher.
The govt does play a role: usually a completely after the fact event. Ford was building the Model T when there was a total of 40 miles of paved roads. Govt collected taxes from the successful folks and then later on built some roads to collect even more in taxes. Have we benefitted from research paid for by the govt to build military weapons (nuclear power) or NASA rockets (more tech than we can discuss here). But all that is no reason to trash the hard working and sacrificing family businesses here in America.
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