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touche' been thinking that since the press conference was over.
Unemployment in the black community is still14+%. That fact alone is devastating to his re-election,
Folks there is one nonchanging fact in politics: THE RACE CARD COMES OUT WHEN THE LOSING SIDE KNOWS THEY ARE ABOUT TO LOSE. It is 10+ weeks still to go and the race card is already woreout. It is only going to get worse folks.
Did you know that in US History, almost all roads were paid for by private investors.
"There you go again," POTUS' pronouns show that if he was talking about "Roads & Bridges" then the statememnt would have said "You didnt build them, or those" etc. Instead, he clearly said "You didnt build THAT." a singular pronoun that when diagrammed reflects to "BUSINESS." Finally Mrs Woods was right. Diagramming sentences paid off!!! Thanks to my my 10th grade English Teacher.
The govt does play a role: usually a completely after the fact event. Ford was building the Model T when there was a total of 40 miles of paved roads. Govt collected taxes from the successful folks and then later on built some roads to collect even more in taxes. Have we benefitted from research paid for by the govt to build military weapons (nuclear power) or NASA rockets (more tech than we can discuss here). But all that is no reason to trash the hard working and sacrificing family businesses here in America.
Guysm it may be all of these thngs, but it will certainly be... RACE CARD, RACE CARD, RACE CARD, RINSE & REPEAT.
Dems demand returns... The rest of us want to see ALL of the returns.. Dems run for the exits. If this aint typical SSDD Democrat we have never seen it.
24/7/365/ Liberalism...
Yeah, we arent going to convince patiotic libtard and the other two viewers of msnbc... ;-)
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