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"Marriage is a social contract designed to create stable conditions for raising a family..." Procreation has never been a requirement to getting married. EVER. This argument has been thrown out of court dozens of times. The state does not care if non-procreative straight couples get married. If the state actually did anything to screen prospective couples from getting married you might have an argument. But they don't. Literally 100% of the straight populace has the right to get married. -- Even infertile couples, elderly couples, and those that don't want children.
"Homosexual unions are based on self-love...which leaves little love left over for someone else." Just out of curiosity, how many gay couples did you interview to find out that all gay people are incapable of loving anyone but themselves? It really is ridiculous to make a claim that you have no way of proving. The fact that you believe that all gay people are exactly the same is laughable. Are all straight people exactly the same? Do they all make great parents? Are none of them abusive to children? Every child is loved by their mommy and daddy? Are you really that delusional?
This is nonsense. Virtually ALL of the anti-gay state constitutional amendments ban civil unions and domestic partnerships in addition to marriage. This has little to do with marriage, and everything to do with animus and hatred towards a group of citizens. The fact that ANY type of legal status for gay citizens has been banned more than proves that. You know what I don't consider "normal"? A man getting married twice to the women he cheated with. Two of Newt Gingrich's three marriages were the result of adultery. I also don't consider it "normal" for a man to get married four times and never have children. If marriage is all about procreation, then why doesn't any care that Rush Limbaugh has had four non-procreative marriages? I'm also wondering if it's "normal" for a professional golfer to cheat on his wife over 120 times? Call me crazy, but I think their behavior is too far out on the edges of the bell curve to ever be normal. -- Yet they can get married and divorced as many times as they want. Imagine that?
No doubt, Jesus would approve. If people were wondering who the actual hate-mongers are, I think you've answered their question perfectly. Thank you.
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Is Putin One of Us?

David in Houston Wrote: Dec 17, 2013 1:20 PM
Stating that homosexuality is immoral is a religious ideology, that is not based on facts. The overwhelming consensus in the medical and psychological communities for over four decades is that sexual orientation is innate, and homosexuality is a normal variant of human sexuality.
"They like gay marriage; so everyone must be forced to like gay marriage." "Like" and "tolerate" are not the same thing. No one is forcing you to "like" anything. I don't recall straight couples having to get permission from everyone in their state in order to marry the person they love. Why that same obvious rationale doesn't apply to law-abiding gay citizens should be the question the author should ask themselves. In a society that professes liberty and freedom for all of its citizens, we are all obligated to tolerate things we may not personally approve of. I don't have to "like" seeing people with dozens of tattoos plastered all over their body, but I have to tolerate it. I also have to tolerate the fact that Newt Gingrich's THIRD marriage came about from his second adulterous affair. I don't LIKE the fact that he has the right to make a mockery out of the institution of marriage, and that he has the right to marry and divorce as many times as he wants. But apparently everyone seems to tolerate it just fine. Considering that straight people aren't even obligated to be friends with a gay person (let alone participate in a same-sex wedding), I'm not quite sure how the marriage of a couple that you don't know could possibly have any impact on your life. Prove me wrong, Mr. Hawkins. Prove me wrong. In other words, the private personal decisions of other citizens should be none of your business... and vice versa.
Polygamy is illegal for everyone; and historically polygamy is a heterosexual issue. Even the Bible supported polygamous relationships. Prior to 1899, polygamy for straight people was legal in our country. So if you want to fight to have polygamy made legal again, knock yourself out. Keeping in mind that it has absolutely NOTHING to do with same-sex marriage. Nothing. Show me one article claiming that three gay men want to get legally married. Meanwhile in Utah…
Tolerance is not the same thing as agreeing. In a society where liberty and freedom for ALL citizens is paramount, you are obligated to tolerate things that you personally disapprove of. Personally, I don’t approve of people putting dozens of tattoos all over their body. But I have to tolerate the fact that they have the right to do that. And if a 70-year old man wants to marry an 18-year old woman, I have to tolerate that too. Even if I don’t AGREE with it. If it doesn’t affect me personally, then it’s none of my business. Marriage equality falls under that category. The marriage of two adults that you don’t even know is literally none of your business.
The commies? Russia is extremely anti-gay. -- By the way, demonizing gay people doesn't make "families" stronger. It only hurts gay people's lives. If your family needs to ostracize other people in society in order to feel better about itself, then you're the one with the problem, not the gay people that you don't even know.
For fifty years the AMA and APA seem to disagree with that opinion. I think it's unnatural and vulgar that Tiger Woods had a dozen affairs. Yet somehow he still has the right to get married and divorced as many times as he wants simply because he happens to be straight.
Marriage is not being "redefined", it's being expanded to include more Americans. Straight people will still marry straight people if gay people can ALSO get married. The only way it could possibly be "forced on you" is if you were made to marry someone of the same gender against your will. One can just as easily argue that interracial marriage was forced on you, and that somehow you will be coerced into marrying someone with a different skin color. Actually, interracial marriage WAS forced on most of the country in 1967 by the Supreme Court. At one time, 30 states had bans on interracial marriage. Sound familiar? If the court had waited for a bigoted America to give their blessing on mixed-race marriages, it would have taken over two more decades for the public to pass the 50% approval threshold. Make of that what you will.
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