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The Electoral College, Under Attack

davidg32 Wrote: Nov 02, 2012 12:20 PM
You know, Mark...this might actually be the very first election in which the Electoral College actually helps the Democrats. I believe that...if Obama wins...he'll carry several key states by razor-thin margins. If every state assigned electoral votes like Maine and Nebraska...using the Congressional District Apportionment wouldn't have made any difference in any election to date. (It would have changed some totals, of course...but not the actual election results.) But this year might be different. If states alloted their electoral votes NOT on the "winner take all" system, there might be an actual difference this year. We'll see...

As Tuesday’s election ticks ever nearer, my fervent wish is a solid electoral college win for Mitt Romney. Not to get greedy, but I’d like it in the bag before the wee hours of Wednesday morning.

I hope this is not asking too much. October’s poll swing and a broadening visceral sense tell me this election may not feature the nail-biting closeness we have been told to expect for months.

But if we are to be ensnared by a down-to-the-wire finish, get ready for the attendant micro-focus on the Electoral College, and the resulting debate over whether it should...