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Republicans Prevail in South Carolina, but Can Democrats Take a Prize in Georgia?

davidfarrar Wrote: May 09, 2013 1:02 AM
The Tea Party Exploratory Committee of Georgia has been created to help Tea Party candidates establish their Tea Party credentials throughout the state for the 2014 elections. Besides the Tea Party's demands of “taxed-enough-already” and “not-enough-spending-cuts”, the following item is taken from the list of fundamental constitutional issues all Tea Party supporters should support in 2014, and, hopefully, take their place in the line towards getting our country back. Item 4: Congressional candidates must agree to accept no outside PAC funds during their primary campaigns. This decision belongs to the people of Georgia. It shouldn't be bought off by big-money-Washington, special interest insider groups long before the first Georgian walks into the primary voting booth. ex animo davidfarrar