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Most sexually active pro-life men are already married - frequently to pro-life women. I doubt that particular plan will go well for them.
Alternate translation: There are so many illegals here that we only have the resources to detain the ones we find dangerous.
I lie awake at night wondering what Cindi Lauper thinks about constitutional law.
I've seen the race card played so many times in the last six years, it has lost its effectiveness.
The NFL and the Miami Dolphins are within their rights as private organizations to do this. Of course, I am also within my rights to stop watching NFL games.
Mumia Abu-Jamal has a Sixth Amendment right to counsel. The fact that Debo Adegbile was his counsel should not disqualify him from this or any other office.
If she is elected, I will feel less welcome.
I'm amazed that a Catholic college has so many members of the faculty who hold to positions contrary to Catholic doctrine. The Church really needs to do something about all the cafeteria Catholics.
Actually, the second link states that in that case, only Muslims who sold alcohol would be targeted.
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