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How Obama Turned U.S. Economy into "Hostile Work Environment"

David_the-Honeybee_Keeper Wrote: Oct 27, 2012 11:09 PM
Anytime you take your own capital to purchase the concrete, trees, etc., you have done it yourself. As far as "you took it totally out of context", Obama meant that the business owner only could do it because the GOVERNMENT did all the heavy lifting by putting the infrastructure in place. To whatever extent that is true, how do you think the government did it? With money taken from people who had money, among them many small business owners. So Obama not only robs business builders of the credit for building their businesses, he also doesn't even credit them for the money they "contributed" to the "someone else" who he says did build it.

The Presidential debates were Exhibit A for Obama's habit of "misplacing the truth" (ie lying). Obama told lots of hard-to-believe whoppers about his support of guns; his love of the oil, gas and coal industries; his unshakeable loyalty to Israel; and of course his response to the Libya Embassy attack. Boy can this guy misplace facts.

Only a lawyer could say stuff like that with a straight face.

But the biggest whopper of all was when Obama claimed to be a champion of small business. He stressed this misguided storyline in all three nationally-televised debates. Obama even made...