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If PICTURES of guns are so dangerous and people who show said pictures obviously are criminals or wacko mental cases, or both, I suppose the people of Hollywood and television will soon be locked up, either in jail or in asylums. By the way, do the history books in this school system show any pictures of the Revolutionary or Civil Wars? Better ban those books if any weapons are visible. Speaking of weapons, an eagle clutches a bunch of arrows on the $1 bill. Aren't those dangerous, too? The school should refuse to accept any.
Knowp, ayim jest ah pikee spellar. Ahthurwhyz eye ahgrie.
It isn't fair for the government to hurt the economy and raise unemployment.
"lose", not "loose", the election
"Go ahead and succeed"? I hope we all do, but I bet you meant "secede" didn't you?
#2 "This money . . . was spent in the good-old USA stimulating our economy. Shocking! Their ROI was zero or negative!" Sounds like Obama's stimulus. Nearly a trillion dollars, put on our credit card to the Bank of China, down a rat hole. Any jobs "created" only lasted until the money was gone. Then those jobs either evaporated, or they have to be paid for again.
Anytime you take your own capital to purchase the concrete, trees, etc., you have done it yourself. As far as "you took it totally out of context", Obama meant that the business owner only could do it because the GOVERNMENT did all the heavy lifting by putting the infrastructure in place. To whatever extent that is true, how do you think the government did it? With money taken from people who had money, among them many small business owners. So Obama not only robs business builders of the credit for building their businesses, he also doesn't even credit them for the money they "contributed" to the "someone else" who he says did build it.
I don't think William100 was blaming republicans and conservatives. I think he was pointing out we often wring our hands and don't know what to do when his solution looks quite simple.
In August 1942, FDR already had Congressional approval to send an invasion force. It was called a Declaration of War which Congress had passed and FDR had signed on December 8, 1941.
If he said something like that, I'm sure I would have a thrill go up my leg.
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