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To John1088-- I hope you realize Officer Santiago's "JOB" was to put him self in harms way to protect people such as yourself and your family. I hope the day comes when some sheet bag is coming into your house to kill you and your family and just remember "You will get what is coming to you!!!"
And one final note--- everyone in Washington just sits back and watch this happen... Leads one to believe they are all on the take -Making money from illegal drugs
Well then shoot and kill the bustards where they stand. Not worth the time or effort to send them back..... Another blatant criminal act from the chimpanzee in the White House
I bet when it is time to sign up for all the gummint freebies and buy booze I bet those photo ID's come right out front and center.
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Happy Birthday George W.

Freedomfighter57 Wrote: Jul 06, 2014 8:44 PM
Well I tell you I felt safe with ole Georgie in the hot seat in Washington. This pile of dogkrap we have now selling us out to radical islam, diseased illegals swarming across the border, and terrorizing American citizens because they choose to believe different then him and his disgusting betrayal to his oath of office makes me either want to puke of start building gallows when he and his cohorts are found guilty of crimes against America and its innocent citizens.
hey obami !! I can save you a lot of money.. I will pay for the ticket to send them all back where they came from FEDEX air -- Cargo flight ----- GET THEM THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!!
Send each and everyone of the diseased brats back What part of illegal doesn't the creep in chief not understand ???? Silly me he is about as law abiding as an ax murderer. All the other illegals as they come out of hiding load em up and out ---- Immigration laws have worked for how many generations and they still work now
Will someone do one of the following to the creep in charge a) sentence him to life in prison for the crimes he has committed against the constitution b) exile the creep and his family to Cuba(feel at home there) banning them from every returning to the USA c. hang him He is now way into the blatant criminal world
Well if you would stop spending it on the illegals and now those little diesease ridden crumb crunchers coming across the border there might not be an issue. Also know of a person around here who has never contributed one cent but has a back problem ie disability. So now on our dime collecting for the rest of his life but manages to play football he is 20 yrs old. Then lets see another person in and out of prison - now qualities for disability. I could make those programs both solvent - kick all the sheet off of it.
This sewage is an enemy of the United States and its citizens... Just shoot the bustard and end it
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