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To all you people that believe the illegals are entitled to everything --- PLEASE PLEASE pay my share. I would like to keep mine for my OWN use!!
You start ambushing police/deputies the result is not going to go in your favor. The protestors look like they don't belong here either. Brand an X on their forehead, load 'em up send 'em back. We see that X again we will eliminate you as a problem.
The country I was born and raised in we were taught to read and write english. I deal with people a lot. You can always tell the illegals when they come to the window and just smile. I ask what they want and they chatter like a bunch of crazed monkeys. I tell them I don't speak spanish and walk away. Same thing with the phone-- I make a call and get someone I can hardly understand and the first thing I say is put someone on who speaks english. Oh that country I was born and raised in ??? United States of America
Since being a public safety telecommunicator for 16 years it still never fails to surprise me the number of people who when they call have absolutely no idea where they are. Land-line based 911 info (referred to as ALI/ANI) is actually based on the caller billing information. So you move don't update your billing info to new address when you call 911 it will show us you old address. Cell 911 is totally different. When you dial cell 911 it does not necessarily go to your home PSAP. The routing if your network is swamped (traffic crash etc) it will select the easiest route to send it. Sometimes hundreds of miles away to someone who has no idea about your city,county or state. The best thing is to take the responsibility to know where you are. Like 1 mile north of 1st street and johnson st in (city where you are). That way as operators we can then thru the system route that call or provide info via radio /teletype to the appropriate agency and get you help..... MORE intervention from the government will NOT help anything
So this is a fine example of how many millions obamo and the gummint wants to grant amnesty to??? The border should now be declared a war zone. Anyone attempting to cross will be immediately shot and killed. It will also be patrolled 24-7 by Apache gunships and F-16's. You will NEVER win an argument with an Apache gunship. These 2 illegals should also be shot for what they have done that is the ONLY justice these 2 should have.
Correct born and raised Wisconsin -- beer brats and Green Bay Packers!!!! and Scott Walker !!!! Not only the circus act but how many millions peed away on people who don't quite get it Mary Burke ---GO HOME !!
From Wisconsin -- Thank God there is a few people with brains!!! No longer will people be fleeced by a union to give up wages to be spent on politicians, ideals that they don't support. Hey my property taxes have gone down My state income tax has gone down -- The state went from arss over teakettle in the red to black with money left over-- Mary Burke take your chinese made trek bicycles and go home .. As long as he runs I will continue to vote for Scott Walker And once again for the record I work in public service Thank you Scott Walker and thank you State Supreme court ---
His resignation would be just fine
Another one -- would love to smash her in the face with a baseball bat
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Mrs. Obama's Desperate Plea

Freedomfighter57 Wrote: Jul 28, 2014 1:46 PM
Hey Michelle ------ SHUT UP !!!!!
Now we are going to import this human garbage ---- It is time to remove this poor excuse of a human being from the white house and exile him and his entire family
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