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This sewage is an enemy of the United States and its citizens... Just shoot the bustard and end it
Time to use LETHAL FORCE against all border crossing, any and all foreign military vehicles-aircraft from Mexico. We won't be asking questions or apologizing either.
From Wisconsin -- I believe you will find that the hard working taxpaying citizens here will want Scott to be their Governor again. As I have said before I voted for Scott the first time I voted for Scott during the recall vote and I will vote for Scott again and again - I happen to like lower income/property taxes For the record I AM a public service worker also
Defund the IRS.. and the rest of the alphabet soup that is used by this government to destroy this country.. Then to the lumber company for materials to build the gallows Start at the WH and hang them all
Want to remove something offensive?? How about the obami and family.. They are offensive to any freedom loving American....
Now if Gov Walker were black like the craphead in the WH this all would be racism -- I am from Wisconsin - I work in public service and I will VOTE FOR SCOTT WALKER FOR GOVERNOR >>> AGAIN
It is way past time to start grabbing members of this criminal government and run them up the gallows .. Start at the top with ocraphead and just keep going
Instead of peeing away hard earned tax dollars on taking care of unwanted garbage -- hire every stinking airplane,railroad car,semi trailer,bus and even taxi cabs and get them the hell out of here. Repubs you grant amnesty you haven't even begun to see the Tea Party Movement and what we can do. I strongly smell a revolution about ready to happen
Maybe they should have a recall election for this Governor Hickey---
Maybe if you bustards would listen to working America you could understand why we are sick and tired of lies, big promises to illegal aliens and bowing down to the crumb in chief. You are a bunch of sore losers like the teachers union in Wisconsin cause of ACT 10. cry cry cry
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