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Gisele Lima of New York City said she was thrilled to think she might now have a path to remain legally in the country where she's been for 20 years -----????? You have been here for 20 years and could not find the time to go thru the LEGAL immigration process???? To ell with you and the rest of your illegal trash ---OUT The war with you people has been declared by the obamo
Ted Cruz is the only one with any bawls what so ever.. Bami needs to be stopped in his tracks now or the freedoms veterans fought and died for will be gone and gone forever. I really would like to put Cruz, Gowdy and bami in the same room with 2 baseball bats and close the door. As far as feelings for the families of illegals I have no sympathy - you had a chance to follow the laws and become a legitimate citizen but you chose to not obey the law. In comparison it would be like robbing a bank and get caught but blame the bank for having money -- sorry don't work. The goobermint could solve the problem easily -- cut off any and all benefits to the illegals -- no drivers license - no social security - no work -- no free education -- no free medical care. If the rinos do not stand up to bami on this one this will have been the last election I will ever vote for the established political party. The Constitution party or the Tea's will get my vote from now on in....... Illegals -- just go to ell
Lets keep going with the list --- then should send it to bone head and Mcdonald
Call them by their right name Illegal aliens crooks thieves pick one
Articles of impeachment --- one count for every time he has violated his oath of office, one count for not enforcing the all ready written laws of the land, and one count for all ready established laws that he has chosen to change. The immigration system is not broken -- how about some enforcement . How dare this bustard stand in front of the flag of the United States. Build the gallows
MIchelle Bachman has it right -- someone needs to handcuff the maggot in the WH and up the gallows... If he does this there will be a flood of illegal leeches that have never been seen before. If the GOP caves to this and does nothing to stop the maggot Civil war is the next logical step
Makes you wonder all those people carrying signs -- How many actually belong here and How many actually have a job
I always said I do not care what these demented people wanted to do or believe but just don't FORCE your ideals or beliefs down my throat. You have forced your ideals and beliefs on me and I hate everyone one of you
The reason the public unions fell apart is their membership had a chance to keep their money and get out. That they did. Looking back at history why did US steel no longer compete, or how about US made cars, tecumseh motors, the destruction of the post office and the lowly twinkie. UNION GREED. Scott Walker has given the working man and woman a chance - a chance to keep their money and finally have a conservative voice in government. My property taxes have gone down along with my state income tax. The state is solvent, has a surplus and industry/businesses are looking or are coming here. The maggot in chief should pay attention - people who are employed,make money, pay their fair share of taxes and the economy grows, with people working the need for gummint handouts decline. To all who voted for Scott Walker --THANK YOU!!! I am a public safety worker(free from unions), like my beer and brats, born in Wisconsin and still not afraid to get my hands dirty. Congrats much to Scott Walker
There was a time when Mom did not have to work. She stayed home with the kids. But as government grew and stole more hard earned wages from Dad Mom had to leave and work also. Now government steals so much from both paychecks Mom and Dad must work exceptionally long hours to try to feed the family. Hey Obamimaggot -- we do not need or want anything from you -- just leave us alone to live our lives the way we see fit .
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