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One kosher bullet between the lookers and done - G*&d*mn I am so sick of people like you
Unless you load the entire B-1 fleet to the gills with bombs to go over there and annihilate ISIS you are just blowing hot air ......
A burn the thing down and throw every rag head out of this country
So bami what are you going to do -- throw a golf club at them ??
Thank you Second Amendment... Time to buy bullets and the citizens need to bear arms to protect this great nation. The monkey in the white house and his fellow chimps have no plan...... TO ARMS !!
The U.S. has refused to call the shooting an act of terrorism, and instead refers to the event as an act of "workplace violence." No No No!!! That is what the radical islamic sympathizer bama said. Will someone just shoot this bustard and end it
Hopefully more like him die-- If you know who they are when they come back to check into the US --- hook them up and to jail ---- terrorist -- if I remember right a felony
Cut off her pension and benefits --------- she will talk
What "warmers" don't understand is that this planet will do whatever it wants to with or without the help of humankind.
Also when it is -20 degrees this winter again with a windchill of -40 I want all you "warming fools" to come here and stand outside in your undies and proceed to tell all about global warming
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