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I believe foxnews on the internet had a story a week or 2 ago where this thing has a fetish for diarrhea ............. And they call this royal -- Whack jobs !!!
As long as the disgusting excuse for a human being Obami - squats in the white house any debate in regards to whatever you say or do will NOT be over PERIOD !!
Hopefully this ungrateful illegal dogwaste rots in hell
With dumass statements like this then the GOP wonders why true conservatives stay home.
Hey puss head reid --- i dare you to come to my door step and say that?
And please feel free to share all of your religious beliefs with me!!
I betcha if he would have written some drivel from the satanic koran it would have been all right. I live in Wisconsin --- BRAVO SCOTT WALKER !!! THANKS FOR THE TAX BREAKS AND A HEALTHY STATE!!!
Biden just reaffirmed the need to put him in a mental institution as far as the nasty infection inhabiting the WH ---- the gallows for it and its family --- the charge crimes against innocent and freedom loving citizens
Well I for one find the word 'Obama' offensive,nauseating, and a total insult to freedom loving Americans. Lets ban 'Obama' and every member of his offensive,nauseating family
A single gunshot to the illegal garbage will end this story
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