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Hey Kerry - you want to see something really odd---- You and obamo stand in front of a mirror --- together yet !!!
Since at one time we as a Nation were tolerant of each other. Now we are forced to accept the ways of others even if we find them disgusting. I for one will never hide my Christian beliefs and faith.. Since LGBT/Muzzies and the rest of the ilk is trying to force me to accept them then they should be forced to accept me as a Christian and my faith.
Correction --- HAS BEEN destroyed. There is nothing left of the country I was born into.
So where did all these conservative Repubs go that were voted in Nov 2014... Traitors everyone ------ Time to look at our founding fathers and fight tyranny -- more bullets and to arms ALL CONSERVATIVES !!
Obumbocare is just like its namesake Disgusting and useless
Hanging or firing squad only for all of the above
Hanging or firing squad only for all of the above
And don't forget all those diseased ridden illegals that came across the border and shipped all over the country are now INFECTING citizen children and their families.. According to Obumo administration --AMERICAN PARENTS are not vaccinating / taking care of their children
Earnest said, "To put it bluntly, the Department of Homeland Security was ready last week to begin taking the steps that would bring millions of people out of the shadows. Translated from the Radical Islam lover and American Citizen hater ---- Obumo ---- We must reward criminals --welcome them with open arms and your paychecks
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A Failure to Confront Evil

Freedomfighter58 Wrote: Feb 20, 2015 9:24 AM
Sure wish they would take the obomo loving puke faced Oprah off of these pages... She makes me sick to my stomach just like obumo
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