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One thing nice about act 10 is it was no longer a requirement to have union dues stolen from employees who did not want to belong to the union. The unions had a chance to re-certify and the majority of the membership bailed -- FREE AT LAST!! I belonged to the WPPA not by choice when I worked for a sheriffs office. Tried to get my dues forwarded to a worthy organization. Couldn't do that we had a closed union. So $5000 later when I retired from sheriff all I had was reciepts and they voted for fools like Doyle (deemocrap). Still work in public safety and am a big Walker supporter. Burke out sources here parts for her bicycles to China so a real big local jobs supporter she is. It is well known she has a tax and spend program in the works if she wins. Hey Wisconsin liberals if you really want to be useful vote for common sense - not some cry baby teachers unions. Again I still am in public service and I Voted for Scott Walker the first time Voted for Scott Walker during the recall effort and will Vote for Scott Walker until he decides to retire. Lower property taxes, lower state income taxes, factories expanding with LOCAL not CHINESE jobs. Need I say more Go Scott go !!
So if it can be killed by soap Ebola has to be the only VIRUS on this planet that can be killed that way. Next we should load up about a million tons of bar soap and drop it on Africa and problem solved. Then why is it when the flu virus comes out all you hear is it can't be killed, just treated blah blah. We send a depleted army to fight a virus that supposedly can be killed with soap. Meantime the middle east is being consumed by a radical human disease called ISIS and we send advisors. Do I sense something really really wrong here????? Yes is the answer ODUMBO !!
I never realized a pile of dog waste can be THIS stupid
The finger prints are not lost--- When a print card (electronic or paper) is submitted it is sent to the state repository and to the FBI for comparison of known prints to see if the person is a criminal or has a past history. Print card (electronic) is then stored and can be retrieved anytime from the state and or FBI repository. They are not lost. 16 years in law enforcement. I STAND WITH SCOTT WALKER !!
But the obami says islam is a religion of peace ----- My arss ARMS UP AND KEEP THE POWDER DRY !!
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FBI Identifies 'Jihadi John'

Freedomfighter58 Wrote: Sep 26, 2014 10:07 AM
So once the FBI positively identifies him what are they going to do give him a cookie??? Return to the rules of engagement used during WWII. Then load up every B-1 bomber to the gills with bombs and turn that whole area into glass. This is all out war folks and yes -- people die.....
Well if islam is a religion of peace and and idiots like this is a sample of the leaders of the free world - Obami is the leader of the cult TIME TO ARMS UP!!! MORE BULLETS MORE GUNS !!!!!
Well climate change - global warming etc does not behead innocent people. It does not enslave women, it does not rape women, it does not sell children into slavery. The only comforting thought Kerry is that you are just as useless as your boss - matter of fact I could find a load of crow poop on top of a fence post that had more purpose then you two.
First Marquette U is a liberal college so you can't believe them. Second I work in the public sector and I totally support Governor Walker and voted for him from day one, thru the recall and will continue to vote for him until he decides to retire. My property taxes have gone down. state income tax has gone down, I also got a little refund this summer. Our area the factories are expanding. Then lets take a look at the door knob in chief in Washington and his jobs plan and Mary Burke who outsources her bicycle business......... Hey Mary you and Dumbo -- go peddle your papers.
One kosher bullet between the lookers and done - G*&d*mn I am so sick of people like you
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