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An entire generation that knows no difference between right and wrong. As for mail in ballots -- I know this does not happen (sarcasm) poll worker opens an envelope which votes Republican -- so poll worker marks democrat and throws it away - poll worker opens another envelope which votes democrat - hey this is totally awesome -- 2 votes for democrats right in a row. No mail in ballots No voting early Show up on election day (you knew for how many years it was coming) with your photo ID/photo drivers license and VOTE ONCE DAMIT !!
It really would be nice to see an election again where it did not depend on who raised more money then the other one, who could lie the most about the other candidates and the prospects actually would talk about their platform, experience and LISTEN to what the voters concerns are. Oh wait this is Bami's America -- enuf to make one puke
Once again Scott Walker did not bust any unions. Thru Act 10 union membership had a chance to belong to a union. Under Act 10 the unions are allowed to exists but they must re-certify that they have membership. So even in the make believe world of the libs/union followers it is just another demonstration of the lack of any recognizable IQ.
Oh I foresee and executive order coming --- when you are at a speechin from the obami you can't leave ... You must stay and enjoy the stench
It is time to start a national movement, everyone start putting signs out asking to remove the obami from office .. No impeachment out right removal -- firing --- real Americans don't want you
Will someone throw this insane ars out of office..
Hey Mary-- if you cared about Wisconsin jobs you would bring back all the jobs you outsourced to China to make parts for your pricey bicycle.. Also take a look at your demokrap leader Bami and how many jobs has he destroyed. Scott has set out to bring jobs to Wisconsin which he has. Local plants here have put on several multimillion dollar additions and crying for help. Now the other day once again we have a 500 million dollar surplus in our budget. Now compare that with Jim Doyle who you worked for. Humf -- can't come close now can you -- Take your chinese bikes and go home ..... Remember Scott Walker for governor..NOVEMBER 4TH From Wisconsin Freedomfighter58
Great -- just one more name to add to the list of incompetent fools. Just for instance -- if you would not have brought it over here a good chance we would not be where we are at. Fools
So our southern border is wide open and unprotected. Bami is letting planes loads of infected people into the country and flying all over it spreading a deadly virus from border to border. He has stripped the military to where it is almost non-existent and he now is sending what is left to a foreign country to become infected and die. This man -animal -bag of bat droppings bami is totally INSANE!!!
Thats right obami --keep them borders open so more diseased garbage can come in....
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