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Correct born and raised Wisconsin -- beer brats and Green Bay Packers!!!! and Scott Walker !!!! Not only the circus act but how many millions peed away on people who don't quite get it Mary Burke ---GO HOME !!
From Wisconsin -- Thank God there is a few people with brains!!! No longer will people be fleeced by a union to give up wages to be spent on politicians, ideals that they don't support. Hey my property taxes have gone down My state income tax has gone down -- The state went from arss over teakettle in the red to black with money left over-- Mary Burke take your chinese made trek bicycles and go home .. As long as he runs I will continue to vote for Scott Walker And once again for the record I work in public service Thank you Scott Walker and thank you State Supreme court ---
His resignation would be just fine
Another one -- would love to smash her in the face with a baseball bat
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Mrs. Obama's Desperate Plea

Freedomfighter57 Wrote: Jul 28, 2014 1:46 PM
Hey Michelle ------ SHUT UP !!!!!
Now we are going to import this human garbage ---- It is time to remove this poor excuse of a human being from the white house and exile him and his entire family
The President's got to lead --- Well due to the fact that the pile of dog waste Obamo is the terrorist from within who is aiding in the destruction of this country he could care less. I sincerely hope I still live long enough to see this bustard hang for the crimes he has committed against the citizens of this great country. (Hopefully there will be enough pieces to save)
Wake up America this is one of the "Children"' coming into your city. He will gladly kill you and your wife and kids so he can get some money to buy some dope, an uzi and bullets to kill some more who get in his way. One bullet would end him as a problem
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The Obama Doctrine

Freedomfighter57 Wrote: Jul 19, 2014 6:14 PM
The only thing I want to remember about the Obama doctrine will be going down the porcelain pot after my morning constitutional.
But you want taxpayers to pay from some sluts birth control
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