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Once again fat piggy Michael --- SHUT UP!!!
This fool is a total and complete enemy to the Unites States,its hard working citizens, and aids and comforts the enemy Islam. I have no use for, respect for, or will ever have anything to do with this lying fool
I believe a state charge of disorderly conduct for starters would work and reckless endangerment ???
He is not smart enough to unroll a roll of toilet paper. I see the 25hr work week becoming the new norm
Fire them all Close the doors Take away there pensions and retirement benefits and YES Go to a straight flat tax for personal,businesses 10% everyone no exceptions -- A post card as a reminder in the mail (possibly bail out the Post Office --ha ha) that the tax is due
So the creep in chief thinks legislation is going to stop cyber attacks???? yea right
I am a big fan and supporter of the railroads ---HOWEVER--- Some of these crude haulers are 2 miles long. Just let one of them wreck and annihilate a whole town and then see how much of a problem a pipeline will be. Also if pipelines are so bad take a look at the history of the Alaskan pipeline. I am just saying
Despite what the creep in chief says - we need to do whatever this country has to, to make it self sufficient in oil, food, water and other resources so we do not need to be dependent on any one else. Bring our military home to protect our borders and tell the rest of the world to fend for themselves.
Excellent portrait of 2 bags of sheet the planet could do without
I really don't give a rats ar$$ about this pile of garbage or his miserable family .
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