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Waxman you are as stupid as you look. As far as North Korean dictator - if you don't like it stop over 6 rounds 5.56 center mass to you
Well now how many of these illegals is the working American going to have to support?? Who is doing anything to stop this black low information president -criminal- POS- from doing what he is doing
I want nothing from this muslin terrorist ----
to all the protestors who are on government assistance programs -- all support will end and the money forwarded to the people whose lives you destroyed to leave and start a new life. to all the protestors the Constitution DOES NOT protect your actions of arson,rape, stealing, and destroying other peoples lives. to all the protestors there are laws on the books in all 50 states the prosecute people who commit arson, theft,rape and murder and you all should be prosecuted the extent of the law. to all protestors the destroyed neighborhoods you live in will NOT be rebuilt you will remain there and DO NOT DEMAND help from anyone or expect it. You can live out your worthless lives in the sheethole you created PS the first person seen wearing an ISIS hood will be shot on sight
These animals are not protected by the first amendment HOWEVER there are laws against steeling arson murder the only way this will stop is your are going to have to start shooting... But then according to the rioters it will be everyone else who is at fault
Since all this uncivilized garbage has moved into and setting up there neighborhood, surround it with razor wire and leave the disgusting s*&t there..... This is the utopia you want now stay there and live in it...
So where do these "rioters" feel they are right to destroy other peoples lives and property.??
anything will smell better then the stench now in the WH
Gisele Lima of New York City said she was thrilled to think she might now have a path to remain legally in the country where she's been for 20 years -----????? You have been here for 20 years and could not find the time to go thru the LEGAL immigration process???? To ell with you and the rest of your illegal trash ---OUT The war with you people has been declared by the obamo
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