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Thank you Second Amendment... Time to buy bullets and the citizens need to bear arms to protect this great nation. The monkey in the white house and his fellow chimps have no plan...... TO ARMS !!
The U.S. has refused to call the shooting an act of terrorism, and instead refers to the event as an act of "workplace violence." No No No!!! That is what the radical islamic sympathizer bama said. Will someone just shoot this bustard and end it
Hopefully more like him die-- If you know who they are when they come back to check into the US --- hook them up and to jail ---- terrorist -- if I remember right a felony
Cut off her pension and benefits --------- she will talk
What "warmers" don't understand is that this planet will do whatever it wants to with or without the help of humankind.
Also when it is -20 degrees this winter again with a windchill of -40 I want all you "warming fools" to come here and stand outside in your undies and proceed to tell all about global warming
When hard evidence is provided showing this POS is illegal, the one blessing is everything that has his signature on it becomes null and void. Then the trial can begin for all the criminal acts he has committed against the citizens of this country. I for one would love to see a public hanging.
Now if we had a REAL president -- not this washbucket bami- Since they have declared war on us (remember Japan WWII) we need to put this country on the defense. Seal our borders completely any person coming from that area or are of questionable status detained until cleared by investigation. Build more bombs and bullets, strengthen are military and proceed to go to war with these animals with the soul intention of wiping them off the face of the planet. I know PC will say innocent people get killed. That is war and they invited it and how many innocent people men,women and children have they slaughtered. Seal all funds associated with any Islamic entity and stop all aid to any Islamic entity. Any suspected enemy put into concentration camps until proven there innocence.
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This Is No Time to Avert Our Gaze

Freedomfighter57 Wrote: Aug 24, 2014 12:34 PM
To hide the truth is the same as admitting that it never happened. Truth is ISIS has declared war on the US and is and will come here if not here all ready from our unprotected borders (thanks bami) Will it be to gruesome to show or admit to when they are in America beheading innocent people
Of course bami would support it -- make it a lot easier for ISIS to get a loan to buy more weapons
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