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LOL, annfan, you took the words right out of my mouth.
LOL....now that's a hoot! I think Alan is on George Soras' payroll....liberals hate the Net, they can't control it so they pay people to try to stem the tied.
Wow....liberals view this list as a TERRIBLE nation, that says it all. If you don't think there is a HUGE BLEEDING coming you are dreaming. Liberals have the entire world to live in where their failed policies are practiced....the door is open, we are going to get to the point were they are going to have to leave, or......
LOL....as liberals declare their desire to "burn Hobby Lobby down". Isn't it funny how it's the lone liberal on this page that says revolution is "not allowed!" As much as it disturbs you and your fellow liberals....getting to a solid 51% of the country doesn't get you your way...it just assures that war is coming, why do you think gun shops can't keep anything in stock any more?
It only took 3% of the population the first time around, and I actually think there are mor % wise now than then.
I've been telling family and friends for a few years now that a civil war is brewing again. Liberals have always felt that tyranny for liberal causes is justified, hence their constant drumbeat against gun ownership under the ruse of public safety...once they feel they have the numbers on their side they will toss the constriction aside and this Cold War will go hot. Evil always cries "compromise" while they are in the minority, but the second they hit 51% they no longer cry compromise, but rather turn to brute force.
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