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She's right. The shooters become household names, and the victims get lost in obscurity. It's time to STOP giving these murderers the fame they are seeking! Kudos to Ms. Kelly!
"(4) Affords flexibility to states by block-granting Medicaid (this budget repeals Obamacare, including its Medicaid expansion), and requires Congress and the president to fashion a plan to save Social Security -- which is generally viewed as the easier major entitlement fix." Since WHEN is Social Security an "entitlement"?! I've been paying into the Social Security system for over 30 years. It's not an "entitlement"! It's my hard-earned money!
Maybe that Air Force Academy cadet should follow Gov. Walker's lead and put his Bible verse back up on his white board.
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Go Therefore

David786 Wrote: Mar 21, 2014 6:54 PM
For us, in our church youth group, it was a way of getting away from all of the distractions around the house, town, etc. It allowed us to get the kids to focus on the important things: serving others, working together, completing a project, etc. After we got home, we continued helping out in our city, but it was difficult to do this for a week at a time. Life tends to get in the way. We do what we can to introduce our kids to meaningful experiences. Then at some point, we have to let God guide them.
What's your point, Moe Bum? Are you directing that Biblical passage toward the thieving Congressmen and women? I sure hope so, since they're the greedy bunch!
You're surprised? I'm not. Those greedy b@stards will steal a dime from a beggar if given the chance...
Spout what you want, but if you can ever back up anything you say, then I'll listen... Until then, "MOE_BAUM" gets a pass from me...
"... perceived liberal bias..."? Perceived? Really? Who has a shadow of a doubt?
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Florida Restaurants Add Obamacare Fee

David786 Wrote: Mar 03, 2014 3:48 PM
I wouldn't call them flipping morons. I would say they're doing what they have to to stay in business, and putting the blame where it belongs. If people see this and get outraged, then hopefully they'll know the REAL reason why the prices had to go up, not just having price increases hiding the cause. Good for them!
So, if a state AG decides not to enforce say the Gay Marriage law in a state? What then, Eric Holder? Is he just following your suggestion?
"It is important that we value all people and that we not promote behaviors that cause harm..." What about people who happen to be in their mother's womb? Do you value them? Do you wish to "not promote behaviors that [would] cause [them] harm"?
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