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When ever our military has been assigned to secure the southern border with tanks & APCs things get real quiet.
Stay the f out of Utah, I'm locked & loaded.
Just ask any prog, they must make our decisions for us cause they know best.
Correction: Mooch the wookie.
Didn't Bloomberg want to ban 32 ounce soft drinks? 16 ounce to be the largest, so, duh, buy two.
Bowe is an out patient at the San Antonio hospital.
I think an AR15 is 5.56, not 7.62..............
Typically those that are scared at the sight of a firearm wouldn't touch one & mostly frequent gun free zones.
Or the young boy who was asked to look at clouds then draw what he saw, a pistol, he was reprimanded by his teacher. When I was a kid cap guns were popular. Adults didn't pay us any attention as we ran about shooting one another.
Visit Utah, Wyoming, Montana & Idaho. You will definitely see gun racks in pick ups.
Insert "nothing" in there somewhere.
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