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That was me 50 years ago, I was out of work, broke, so I enlisted for 4 years. Best move of my young life. I made E6 in 3 years, didn't make much money, learned a lot.
Wrong, it's the progressive agenda perpetrated starting in public school & continuing through college that teaches what to think, not how. If education majors don't buy into social justice they usually won't earn a teaching cert.
Those brats move to the basement for 10-15 years.
I had lunch during a tour of CVN68 USS Nimitz, it was excellent. Did I mention it was in the executive officer mess?
Should have joined the Army, never had bad rations. Also could drink beer every day after work.
BS, there will always be young people willing to write a check on their life, they are known as patriots.
When ever our military has been assigned to secure the southern border with tanks & APCs things get real quiet.
Stay the f out of Utah, I'm locked & loaded.
Just ask any prog, they must make our decisions for us cause they know best.
Correction: Mooch the wookie.
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