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Obamacare: A Case In Point

david66 Wrote: Jul 01, 2012 6:39 PM
For some true info on obama here is a video that was to be shown on FOX news twice but someone stopped it each time. Watch it now (especially libs and democrats) and see the true obama. It is over 9 minutes long and will have a very short halt between the different topics.This link will be taken off I'm sure. Pass it around before it is taken off youtube. tcaffmswszy#t=28

It’s game on for Operation Repeal & Replace if America is to save herself from a disastrous British style healthcare system.

In a stunning decision the U. S. Supreme Court dusted off its reputation of being utterly unpredictable in light of the logic used to validate the Affordable Care Act.

Who would have predicted the conclusions authored by Chief Justice John Roberts, Jr? How did this conservative member of the court join forces with the entire slate of liberals?

Is he, as some are commenting, a principled jurist that was simply calling out the Congress? Was he forcing the President and...