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Republicans anger God? Who has stopped public prayer? Who has taken the Bible and praying out of classrooms and stopped prayer before a lot of school games? ?Who has had crosses taken down, etc, etc? Democrats have and I'm sure God knows what that party is. For the most part it's a party made up of atheists, socialials, liberals, communists and illegals and mud slingers. Republican states have angered God so much? Look in the mirror democrat and read your Bible once in a while.
See the real obama on this site ---- http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=tcaffmswszy#t=28 This video was supposed to be shown on FOX news twice and each time it was pulled. It shows the real obama and what he believes. Video is about 10 minutes but interesting. Watch before it is pulled off of the internet and pass on to everyone you know. obama supporters watch this and see what you are voting for.
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Obamacare: A Case In Point

david66 Wrote: Jul 01, 2012 6:39 PM
For some true info on obama here is a video that was to be shown on FOX news twice but someone stopped it each time. Watch it now (especially libs and democrats) and see the true obama. It is over 9 minutes long and will have a very short halt between the different topics.This link will be taken off I'm sure. Pass it around before it is taken off youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v= tcaffmswszy#t=28
Anyone who tries to defend that a**hole and would vote for the b**tard is mentally ill or a muslim and definitely a communist.
Not heard about this. Where's the media?
Obama will say his favorite line "Bush did it".
If you're not a racist this administration will damn sure make you one. Who was backing a black man to run for president a few weeks back? Republicans. Who lied about him to get him to drop out? Democrats
Vote against ANY congressperson in office. They are all useless. Maybe new blood would stand up to obama and say something to the American people once in a while. The bums in office now only draw a huge salary and tons of benefits and do nothing if they are even in DC anymore. They are worthless!
Obama score with the Baptists? Are you out of your mind? Being Baptist, I believe all would do anything to get that guy out of office and not one good word have I heard from anyone. I doubt a single Baptist would vote for osloba unless they were black or a sicko democrat who would vote only party line. This story angers me to accuse a Baptist of voting for that sick communist, gay, atheist, American hating piece of crap.
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