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Will Chris Matthews Finally Stop With 'Racist' Accusations?

David6 Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 10:25 AM
Could one imagine what would happen if someone wrote a book, "What is wrong with Black people?" or "What is wrong with Latino people?" Look out and watch the accusations fly. "Can't speak of us as Americans"? Who are the ones who keep bringing up race in every issue and every manner possible? Cynthia, you didn't get a welfare paycheck, b/c you aren't on welfare. Millions of Blacks and Latinos and single women are on welfare. Dismissive of Latinos? Uh, Ted Cruz, Brian Sandoval, Marco Rubio, Sussana Martinez. Who is disrespectful of Blacks and Latinos are the Leftists who treat them like pawns and just put them on welfare and then when Republicans point it out, they get called racist for it. It's really ridiculous.