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It depends. If you are cooperative and nothing happens, then you aren't being harassed. If you start screaming at the police, don't be surprised if you get arrested. If you stick your tongue out, don't be surprised if you get arrested. If you are polite, don't be surprised if nothing bad happens except a lousy ticket.
Okay, Mr. Hamdan, what would happen if Hamas stopped launching rockets at Israel and passed the olive branch instead? Would Israel continue to attack Gaza? Uh, no. So Israel is NOT seeking to exterminate Palestinians as Nazi Germany sought to exterminate Jews then.
Why isn't the DoJ going after the Voter ID laws in Rhode Island or Washington state? Oh, those were DEMOCRATS who passed those Voter ID laws.
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Uninstall Firefox

David6 Wrote: Apr 09, 2014 9:05 AM
They didn't force anyone to resign due to their political beliefs. Firefox did. I don't advocate boycotting groups solely due to beliefs, but forcing people from their jobs is a threat to everyone's liberty. That's what happened with Firefox and why they need to be boycotted, so that it is known that you can't fire someone for supporting a cause and expect no consequences.
The standing initially improved with Obama, but collapsed since then per Obama's BS over a red line in Syria and weak responses to Russias annexation of Crimea. In fact the US prestige INCREASED under Bush and Cheney as the world FEARED the USA after Afghanistan and Iraq were defeated. We were in fact winning in both places especially per the surge. The problem was the Democrats kept trying to get us to leave rather than seek to actually win the wars. Next you are completely WRONG about the TEA Party, but expecting the Left to lie about its opponents is like expecting the sun to rise. The TEA Party wants minimal government and minimal regulations. That means that there is maximum ability for small businesses to thrive with government out of the way. More regulations and more government are used by big business to prevent small businesses from being formed and that maximizes the power of large businesses, so power is more centralized. Small government means more power and in fact maximum power distributed to small businesses and to the "little guy". But that is really what the Left does NOT want power for the "little guy" and small businesses. The Left wants centralization of power under government. They don't want businesses to thrive and create jobs and wealth, but want an oligarchy of rich people, politicians and the courts(as they love court decisions over popular votes. (After all same-sex marriage, gun control and health care are to be decided by the courts and not by the democratic process or popular vote by the Left.) The TEA Party wants government out of people's lives and maximum power to small businesses and to the "little guy." The Left wants maximum power to a small group of oligarchs. The Left should utterly adore Putin and Russia.
That is both those places abandoned government managed HCS. & BTW, it isn't available to all. It's available to those who wait for months or years in long lines.
Alberta in Canada has. Chile has.
A few facts for the college professor: 1)Mitt Romney donated far more of his income to charity than Obama. 2)Conservatives and Republicans donate far more to charity than Democrats. 3)In states with voter ID laws Black % of the vote INCREASED. There are 2 states with Democrat legislatures that voted for Voter ID laws. Were they engaging in voter suppression? 4)The best system of voting in the world is in Mexico and guess what they have? Answer: Voter ID laws. Canada has a better voting system than USA does and what do they have? Voter ID laws. 5)White voters from 18 to 29 increased for Repubs by 4% pts. in 2012. White voters from 30 to 49 increased for Repubs by 5% pts. in 2012 from 2018. 6)Young Black males increased to 19% per Pew research polls. & You want to talk about ruined places? Try Michigan and IL. Which state had the largest job growth? Answer: TX. Which state had the largest growth in jobs of engineers? Answer: SC.
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