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Retired????? He receives a pension after only 5 years Active Duty?
The problem is, we're not hearing that thousand fold risk in all the articles about vaccinating, including this one. I was in the Navy when it came time to vaccinate each of our kids, and ALL the information, including the risks, was given to us. Kind of like the permission we give before we go for surgery. We knew we were taking a risk, although it was very low.
Where was all the national media coverage and polls last year when there was a 382 person outbreak in Ohio?
Eastwood didn't say that to Moore's face.
It was hard enough in the Navy to try to adjust after my deployments. I can't even imagine what it's like after a combat tour.
No, speaking out against going to war, or demanding that we pull out, is not treason. Aiding and abetting the enemy by going over to their side for advertising is.
Why would she go to the DEMOCRAT debates? She obviously watched the Republicans ripping each other up during the last primaries. She also watched the media rip them up for anything they said. The media(suedo DNC) had a long time to campaign for the Democrats by ripping apart the Republicans before Romney took on Obama.
Not only that, but I met students at Michigan State that had more than half the credits from a community college not accepted by the 4 year institution.
The last thing the police need is automatic weapons. Better to have semi-auto with a large magazine. Somewhere on the internet is a video of a guy shooting a Thompson sub-machine gun at melons on full auto, and missing quite a few. He then switches to semi-auto and starts taking them out very quickly. Whatever the French do, they should be overly generous with range time.
Thank you for using the word "Democrat" and not "Democratic". By using the word "Democratic", people are just "running a sale". It's like calling "illegal aliens", "immigrants".
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