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Obama Fail!

david495 Wrote: Apr 18, 2013 7:48 AM
This is the latest lie in a long series of lies by our so called Pres. He has lied about his background, personal accomplishments, qualifications and intentions. Once elected, he gave away the farm to recruit more liberals and he didn't have to lie about that.

You know what it comes down to, Barry-0? People don’t trust you. Simple as that. Oh … certainly you do have your supporters. It’s not that NOBODY trusts you .... just most productive Americans above the median IQ. The moochers, leaches and parasites still trust you … they trust you to keep forking over the government checks. When the checks stop coming … when they find that a change of regimes in Washington will necessitate their actually becoming marginally productive again … their fealty to their long-gone here, the great and powerful 0bama, will fade to resentment and scorn.

Your gun...