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Obama: Anti-Founders Debt-Accumulating Spendthrift (Part 1 of 2)

David488 Wrote: Jul 10, 2012 9:04 PM
My "perspective" is based on facts that we all total access to. These numbers paint a clear and accurate picture of where we are now vs four years ago, and the results are indisputable: unemployment is still over 8 %, thousands of homes are being foreclosed on daily, and Obama violated the Constitution by enacting the socialist "Obamacare" before it could be voted on. I'll never understand your blind faith in this guy anymore than I can fathom why a battered wife defends her husband.
In 2007, when I began writing my New York Times best-seller "Black Belt Patriotism," unemployment was less than 5 percent; the annual federal budget was about $2.9 trillion; the federal deficit was $161 billion; and the national debt was $9 trillion.

Today unemployment is stuck at 8.2 percent; the federal budget is $3.8 trillion; the national deficit is $1.3 trillion; and the national debt quickly is approaching a staggering $16 trillion.

And to add insult to injury, our vassalage to other countries deepens as they bankroll increasing amounts of U.S. debt, and more than 50 percent of our public debt is held by...