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Some Fascinating Responses to the Mitt Romney Article

David482 Wrote: Jun 26, 2012 3:35 PM
Dr. Michael Savage, the famous talk show host, has recently come out and said that Romney is worse than Obama. Romney is the most "vacuous panderer" he has ever seen on the campaign trail. Romney is trying to upstage Obama in what he will give the illegal aliens. More green cards, I guess

My recent article, Mitt Romney Is Not the Answer, generated an unusually high number of personal emails along with some fascinating comments.

The praise was effusive: “Michael Brown, this is the best column I have read on TH in years.” (Summers) “It’s very seldom that I agree with a column as completely as I agree with this one.” (Kepha) “Wow, I could have written this article myself, if I were so eloquent.” (Bob62) “Thank you, my sentiments and Christian beliefs, exactly!!!” (Angel56) “Mega-kudos for an article that ‘tells it like it is.’” (Billautonomy)

The criticism was equally effusive: “You hooked...