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GOP Whistling Past the End of America

David482 Wrote: Jun 05, 2012 12:42 PM
The end of America is on the horizon.. ..Both political parties in are running cultists and Marxists for president and the American people themselves are godless and worthy of judgment (2 Timothy 3:1-5). Less than one-half of one percent of our young people have a biblical worldview. There is no spiritual revival in sight and the churches are spiritually-dead (Revelation 3:14-19). ...The next president will reside over the worst economic downturn in American history, leading eventually to the nuclear holocaust of America (Ezekiel 38:6 and Jeremiah 25:32-33).

An election almost as important as the presidential election will be held next Tuesday, and conservatives aren't making a big deal of it, just as they didn't make a fuss over the 2008 Minnesota Senate election as Al Franken stole it from under their noses. (Gov. Tim Pawlenty: "Minnesota has a reputation for clean and fair and good elections. We've got 4,100 precincts run by volunteers. They do a good job, and we thank them.")

The public sector unions are trying to oust Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker from office for impinging on their princely, taxpayer-supported lifestyles. If Walker goes down, no...