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The Upright and Locked Position

David4503 Wrote: Aug 31, 2014 7:23 AM
According to airline policy, the tall man was preventing the woman from making use of the space she had paid for. When asked to remove the device by the flight attendant he was obliged to comply. When he refused to comply and the situation escalated, the plane should have diverted and he alone should have been removed by the police, with appropriate charges brought.
This is a RINO conducted poll and has little credibility among the large majority of those who constitute the GOP base. Perhaps, like Charlie Crist, Karl Rove ought simply to join the Democrat party; he'd certainly be at home there.
Warren: an affirmative action, "native American" Harvard Professor, a 'populist'? You must be kidding!
Perhaps the most pertinent question is why a supposedly respectable college would hire a ranting, indoctrinated (but essentially uneducated) racist to teach anything. No one in his right mind, hoping to obtain an education, would choose to attend such a college.
This column is worthless rubbish, as it fails to mention that the difference between the two primaries is that Cochran cheated; Brat did not.
Queen Nancy never worried about equal division of members of committees when she was Speaker. She's a low-life hypocrite who craves a return to power. She's super rich, but money simply won't gratify a lust for power.
I doubt that EHN understands the difference between the 20th century and the 21st century. And it's unlikely that she is aware of the two world wars fought in the first half of the 20th century. A bucket of warm spit would do a better job in Congress than EHN.
We've now suffered under two Bush presidents. Who in his right mind would want a third? Granted Dole and McCain would have been even worse (and Romney perhaps a bit better), but the Republican party would have to be insane to try a third Bush if it has any hope of actually winning the next election. While I'd probably vote for Bush in preference to Hillary (who would be just as bad as Obama, who I believe is our worst President ever), a goodly number of Republicans would be better than any Bush. Perhaps Ted Cruz or Scott Walker, for example.
What matters to me is the principled positions the candidate takes and the ability with which the candidate is able to present them, both to the public at large and in achieving legislative results. Degrees are only paper qualifications and demonstrate neither real world ability nor understanding. (I know: I have 5 degrees, including an Ivy Leaguer M.A. and a British Ph.D.)
Robert: you fail to understand that marriage is NOT a religious ceremony, but is an institution common to the human race, to all societies throughout history. That Christians recognize that God has provided a way of salvation through Jesus Christ does not mean that God has not created all people, everywhere. Consequently we all, as his creation, have obligations to him. Governments throughout history have recognized marriage as one of the foundations of a stable society, even when they have denied that there is a Creator. You are denying that marriage (a union between a man and a woman) is or ought to be a common institution. You need seriously to reconsider the whole of your thought on the matter.
Dr_Z is at minimum uninformed, though more probably willfully ignorant. There is reason why multiple chaplains of widely different faiths are employed; a patient in a VA hospital is free to call on the services of a chaplain of the patient's choosing. It would be insane for a Muslim to call for an evangelical Baptist or for a Unitarian to select a Roman Catholic priest. The expectation has always been that the chaplain called will be of like faith, not that the chaplain will be a chameleon, coloring his faith to suit the patient.
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