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Instead of "I think Perry had his chance and blew it", .Schlichter could just as well have written "I think Romnay had his chance and blew it." Further, he does not explain why he thinks Christie might be a winning candidate.apart from agressiveness; nor does he explain why he thinks Cruz "has absolutely no chance of ever being president." The whole is nothing more than a collection of unsubstantiated opinons
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Time to Stop the Moderator Masochism

David4503 Wrote: Nov 26, 2014 4:47 PM
I'd like to know who the Republican idiot is who is responsible for inviting Todd. Whoever it is should be in charge of nothing more crucial than sweeping the floors.
I will not dispute what you say, but the Swedish elite would deny that the gas chambers are lethal as long as they remain conscious. They can not be brought to think it possible that they are wrong.
No disaster whatever will shake the faith of the Swedish elite. The optimistic pacifism they advocate is their religion and is impervious to external reality.
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Is It Ever OK To Spank?

David4503 Wrote: Sep 23, 2014 11:49 AM
A complete nonsense of a column. She clearly hasn't a clue what she's talking about.
I understand that the perfect should not be allowed to be the enemy of the good, BUT with Boehner and McConnell it's not a matter of the good. What we're talking about is the lesser of the evils and, yes, when contrasted with Pelosi and Reid, they are the lesser of the evils, just not the good we would like to have.
This is a simplistic anti-Russian piece, exhibiting little to no understanding of the actual situation: e.g., most Russian citizens have a nationalistic sense of pride, Crimea is historically Russian, the elected pro-Russian President of the Ukraine was illegally ousted with American and European complicity. Moreover, it omits to mention European reliance on Russian gas and oil. If Dykewicz has any real understanding of the situation, he does not exhibit in here.
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Goodell Has Got to Go

David4503 Wrote: Sep 14, 2014 8:40 PM
This column is a complete nonsense, start to finish. Why does Townhall publish such rubbish?
It's the NFL and the Media (ESPN in particular) which are disgusting ...and the comments reflect this. Jail for a punch? That's absurd. Losing one's job for a punch? That's nonsense, especially without a trial. For the NFL it's all about PR; for the Media it's all about ratings. That's really disgusting.
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