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Skipping Over the Shooting at FRC

David4269 Wrote: Aug 17, 2012 10:49 PM
Bozell is missing a key point. Dog bites man isn't news. Man bites dog is news. News is something out of the ordinary. Violent, hate-filled, liberals are the ordinary. So, there's nothing newsworthy there.

Floyd Corkins, a volunteer for the last six months at the D.C. Center for the LGBT Community, marched into the Family Research Center with a gun and serious ammunition, denounced FRC's policy positions and shot a security guard in the arm before being subdued. Another hate crime, but this time against, perhaps, the pre-eminent pro-family organization in America. CBS gave the story 20 seconds. NBC spent 17 seconds.

Imagine a volunteer for the Family Research Council marching into some gay group's headquarters with a gun, and after shouting his opposition to the homosexual agenda, opened fire and wounded a...