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Knee Jerks: There's Nothing the Left Won't Exploit

David4269 Wrote: Jul 22, 2012 1:54 PM
This was a clear effort to take innocent life. The theater was NOT a government facility. The behavior of directing pain at ordinary people via protests, occupy, etc, is far more in keeping with liberals. Many have remarked how the speeches of one of the villains in the Batman movie reminded many people of Obama. Conservatives tend to see the taking of innocent life as wrong. This is why conservatives tend to be pro life, against abortion, against euthanasia, against eugenic ethnic cleansing, etc. Clearly, the motives and the modus operandi here are far more typical for liberal/socialist/communist nut jobs.

After he booby-trapped his apartment with explosives, James Holmes walked into a theater Friday night and opened fire on a crowd waiting to see the first showing of the new Batman movie. He shot scores and murdered a dozen. Holmes acted for reasons unknown, but his actions were pure evil.

His actions also were his alone.

It doesn’t matter if he was bullied as a kid, recently dumped or whatever else anyone comes up with as a possible motive. Nothing “caused” him to do this other than whatever evil lives inside him.

But that hasn’t stopped many progressive...