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Jay Carney Leaving White House?

David4095 Wrote: Mar 15, 2014 4:36 PM
Pathological liars must be in high demand for him to leave this gig. Where else can he find a group as disinterested in in the truth that's as large as the White House Press Corps? This, plainly, will be the off-Broadway review. Maybe Uncle Joe will hire him back...
You stay up late for this? Very sad, even for a troll.
Hey, she almost cried her way to the Dem nomination...
Hillary, in glowing health or mortally ill, is a terrible choice for America. I can't imagine what sickness you're suffering from that would make you think that Corey Booker and Elizabeth Warren are "attractive" choices. See a doctor, please.
Obama sycophant and lackluster troll.
Obama sycophant and lackluster troll.
If ignorance is bliss, WOFATT, you've cornered the market. Obama sycophant and lackluster troll.
Flagged as ignorant and useless.
Wendy, you're a stupid fool. Thanks for chiming in.
Good to see the liberal turds are in favor of impeachment as well.
I'm topped off with the "far" right wing tripe. Conservative values are just that. If that doesn't suit you, continue voting for liberals, suck it up and stop your whining! Grow-up for crying out loud, you stupid jack-wagon.
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