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Hmmm. So, now the global warming crowd has a doomsday clock. Precious. The same passel of idiots were shilling the New Ice Age when I was in high school. That didn't work out so, now I need to worry about global warming. Until I get the Ice Age I was promised, there is no global warming. Its amazing how stupid "smart" people are...
Roy are you saying you're a libertarian RP supporter? I find that shocking. How do you manage, in your ideology, jumping the shark from libertarianism to socialism? I'd like to understand it. Regarding your comment about RP on Morton Downey, you're acting stupid.
Thanks Joe for the tune-up of sycophant Franco shill, AltseHashke. "France had the same kind of Common Law as England, although it was in many ways better. It was abolished"... better, seriously?
"only a freakin’ liberal or Islamist—same thing? Anyone?—would think that something offensive would qualify someone for the death penalty." Spot on, John.
Does anyone really care what MSNBC or Rachel Maddow say or think? If you know someone who does, disempower them by discounting their ideas, Ignore the liberals, they're stupid in thought and deed.
He's half as smart as he thinks he is, "too clever by half". Although, tend to like "twice as dumb as he seems"...
I got an e-mail from John Boehner asking me to support the NRCC I sent a note to his office; told him I would, if he fires Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scaliase then steps down as Speaker. Waiting with abated breath for a response...
In the historic words of Chevy Chase: Chuck, you "ignorant slvt". You should already know that nothing can limit God. Nothing. Certainly not ignorant proclamations from the Pope. John's right. The Pope needs to "can it" for while... Logic? Come on! Can you not see how stupid you are making up craap like that?!?!! The Pope said something trip-the-lights fantastically stupid, you don't need to defend him. He's a man and, as you've shown, equally inclined to your particular brand of stupidity.
The World Bank doesn't seem particularly concerned about the impact the world recession has had on "generational poverty". Let's see- bad bets on bad loans by "bad banks"; hmmmm. Seems they should be expert at detectng systemic problems using actuarial science. Environmental impacts? Hardly. Laughable. Ironic. A sucker's bet.
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