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If she disagreed so strongly it would have been nice to see put America first and speak up about what we see now was going on at DoS. Instead she decided to protect herself and her party by throwing America under the bus. But, I don't buy it that she didn't have a hand in the policy, She was in charge. Stand up, be a man, take ownership. And, I do mean- be a man.
Another lack-luster, slack-jawed academic bureaucrat working at the UN. I had higher expectations of the Canadians. He must have gone to school in the States... This level of stupidity is usually produced here in the U.S.
Kennedy's are supporting Lizzy Warren for Pres. They think she has Teddy's character. Isn't that sweet? I think they're right. Teddy and the Kennedy boys never had an affinity for truth.
It' the definition of Democrat. Sadly, it's not just the politicians but their supporters as well. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz will tie herself in knots to evade the truth. Modus Operandi.
My, my, my. Now, Sandra Fluke must resort to the aspirin method or, pay for her own rubbers and abortions.
The good news? All these Executive Orders can be wiped away by the next President. Rightly so, I think.
Thanks John, good article. Liberal = Brainless Scarecrow.
Jesus came to fulfill the law- God's law. Man's law remains and Christian are commanded to abide in man's law. San Fran Nan does not bear the fruits of the Spirit; God's Word bears testimony against her despite her assertions that she believes.
This AP article makes one truly stupid assertion- "Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. Unlike Mexican immigrants arrested after entering the U.S. illegally, those from Central America cannot be as easily returned to their countries." These kids go back to Mexico. That's where they entered from, that's where they belong. There's no reason we should concern ourselves beyond that. Mexico created the problem, Mexico can suck it up.
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