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Carney: President Doesn't Necessarily Think IRS Was Politically Motivated, Or Something

David4095 Wrote: May 16, 2013 7:04 AM
You should be hung with these scandalous democrat politicians, You advocated their deployment upon the American people by voting for these leftists, plainly as you are one. And, now, you make excuses for them, and yourself as they perpetrate their debauchery on the American people. You're without excuse. You are the problem. Loser.

At today’s press briefing, Jay Carney reiterated much of what he said yesterday regarding the multiple scandals plaguing the Obama Administration, once again working to distance the president himself from his wayward colleagues.

Unlike yesterday’s hammering, today’s briefing focused on President Obama’s statement regarding the IRS scandal, issued last night. Reporters wanted to know what, exactly, the president meant when he said he wants those responsible to be held accountable. Does he support firings? Jail time?

Calling the behavior “inappropriate” and “wrong,” Carney could not say anything specific about “accountability.” However, he pointed out that the president would be meeting with...