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Loaded with Misery Due to Kings and Nobles Alone

David4 Wrote: Mar 04, 2013 11:10 PM
Not so like George Washington. He had less imagination and was unable to see how to free his slaves and maintain his lifestyle. He kept falling into debt, and most of his slaves were auctioned off after his death to pay his debts. BTW, George didn't free all his slaves upon his death. He freed only one. He directed that the rest were to be freed on Martha's death, which was about 2 years later.
Before Thomas Jefferson took office as the third President of the United States, he spent five years as America’s Minister (ambassador) to France.  From this perspective, Jefferson wrote of the pervasive civil immaturity among the citizens of Europe.  In his missive to fellow Declaration of Independence signer George Wythe, Jefferson noted Europe's shameful comparison to the culture of freedom and rugged individualism that was flourishing in the New World.
“If all the...