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I think your statement is not fair. I think it is more correct to say "American has owned up to more than its fair share of mistakes." And that some people expect lots of 'humility' and self-loathing from America and Americans. -- BTW, I note that your first sentence echoes something that Sen. Hillary Clinton said, that was replayed many many times on Sean Hannity's show. ...
I think it could be First Amendment interesting to hear these people say or write something coherent about their grievances against America, AND to say or write something coherent about what it would take to redress those grievances. While waiting for that you and I can only speculate. From here it looks like Al Sharpton, Ta-Nehisi Coates and a few others have history-of-slavery-and-Jim-Crow on the brain, and probably always will. I can only judge that what they want is a black nation inside this nation, in which blacks can do whatever they want to whites, such as the knockout game, and are only answerable to black courts according to black law. -- Your turn ...
A few months ago I read an essay by him in 'Atlantic' magazine, demanding reparations for slavery. He spent the whole article justifying why America owes reparations. How much? The only clue is in his claim that the entire wealth and prosperity of America was built on stealing resources from others and on enslaving whole populations.
In response, Panama, 1990. Was a dictatorship run by the head of the National Police, Manuel Noriega. Last I heard it is a representative democracy. So good enough. Somalia, 1992. No it isn't better off. It was a failed state before Bush sent in 'humanitarian assistance' and it is still a failed state since Clinton took over and pulled out. I contacted the Bush White House to oppose it. Since then the northern parts, Somaliland and Puntland, are slightly better organized. None of our doing. Haiti, 1994, and later operations. Our object was to stop a mass Haitian boat people migration to Florida. Maybe Obama would rather have had the mass migration. The rest of us are happy that it was stopped. I won't dispute the rest of your statements. ...
I think it worth mentioning that Ukraine, in a sense, is a 'failed state.' In the 23 years since the USSR broke up Ukraine, and Belarus, have seriously mismanaged their nations and economies. About the only difference between Ukraine and Belarus is that Ukraine's people have agitated for freedom while Belarus' rulers have ruled with an iron hand.
I have seen more than one narrative of events in the past more-than-a-year, and interpretation of those events. Ron Paul is one of the more blame-America voices on the topic. Here are a few of the stumbling blocks that Ron Paul does not go over: * Europe considered Yulia Tymoshenko a political prisoner and demanded her release as a condition of European aid. Following the flight of Yanukovich she was released. She is currently considered a political has-been. * It is an open question whether it was a coup. The Wall Street Journal had an interesting front page article about the events of those days a short time after it happened. There were public protests. Pres. Yanukovich resorted to police firing on those protesters. His parliament in the heat of it stopped supporting him and attempted an accomodation to quell the protests. Yanukovich certainly fled his office. * Europe has a decades long concept of sanctity of borders, and opposes the change of borders by force. This explains the European dismay at Vladimir Putin's repeated actions in Ukraine and elsewhere.
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David4 Wrote: Feb 19, 2015 12:59 PM
Arguably, liberals are more CLASSISTS than they are racists. Liberals have it a stronger bias against white middle Americans than all the patronizing attitude towards blacks or Hispanics.
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The Case For Killing The Filibuster

David4 Wrote: Feb 13, 2015 2:34 PM
Right now it is taking a supermajority to stop the President. He and his co-conspirators in the Democrat Party are using that to institute a government by 'executive order'/decree. Is that what we want?
Context. Another sort of context: Vilhjallmur Stefansson arctic explorer told a story of an starving explorer who came to a deserted cabin. All the explorer found in it was some tea and sugar. The explorer moved on, and eventually starved to death. In VS's opinion the explorer would have lived if he had taken the tea and sugar with him, and consumed it. We know the food nazis consider sugar to be 'toxic', and in the too often American context Americans eat too much of it. Ditto cheese and cheese dust. Try oil and herb leaves instead. And try quinoa instead of pasta. But sugar and cheese and pasta are still food, and can be a life-saver in some circumstances.
Small Pox won't come back (knock on wood) because it no longer exists in the wild. Small Pox is reported to only be in several vials in two tightly locked up laboratories. We had aspired to the same for Polio, but it is still wild in those lawless parts of Pakistan and Nigeria.
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