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A good source of canned goods in a school are the soda vending machines! Oh, wait! Didn't Michelle O. get those all removed?
Sounds like Officer West was "racial profiling" when he concluded the men approaching his car were "suspicious".
Webb forced Obamacare on us! Remember that!
Sounds too much like 'No Child Left Behind' and 'Race to the Top' (or whatever Obama concocted) -- more centralized control over everything.
Let me see if I get this right. If the government didn't hand out so much money to people they would stop working? That's not what I'd do. They would turn to their employer and demand a huge raise giving the employer a good reason to let me go and hire any of hundreds of people looking for a job? Not a good option. This notion of the government subsidizing employers is just another lefty talking point that makes no economic sense. By handing out benefits to people, the government reduces their incentive to work. That in turn means that employers have to raise wages to get people to come to work. So, the government benefits actually cost the employer money.
The senator's single-mother story is suspicious. If she is now covered by expanded Medicaid then we didn't have to upset the entire health insurance industry to achieve that. If she's covered by an exchange-purchased plan, which all have large deductibles, she probably still had to pay out of pocket for her check-up, which she could have done before Obamacare. The story doesn't support Obamacare in either case.
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Study: The New 2016 GOP Frontrunner?

David3820 Wrote: Mar 20, 2014 4:38 PM
Fifteen years ago Jeb Bush sounded like a conservative, much more so than GWB (and much more articulate besides). Watching over the intervening years it seems to me that he has moved substantially toward the 'moderate' side. Of course, it might be 'his turn', and we all know how important that is to establishment Republicans.
Manchin talks a good story, but when it's voting time and his vote is needed by Harry Reid, he's solid left.
As expected. When you get things "free", why bother considering costs?
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