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Why Batman's "The Dark Knight Rises" Is An Instant Conservative Classic

David3655 Wrote: Jul 27, 2012 9:47 AM
I watched this movie and laughed to myself that the week before it came out many on the left wanted to connect Bane to Bain. I laughed because as I watched is was extremely loud and clear that this was a conservative movie. Obama and the left with OWS was Bane and the whole French Revolution thing was obvious. It is very clear that thi is lambasting the OWS and French revolution mindset. Notice how we have not heard another word this week from the left trying to associate this movie in some way against Romney? It is because it is clearly against the economic ideology of Obama & OWS.

The third film in the Batman series is a direct polemical assault on the French Revolution and its political heirs, which includes Occupy Wall Street and perhaps Barack Obama. I would say that it is the exact opposite of so many revolutionary-wannabe films from Fight Club to V for Vendetta (which has provided the tell-tale Guy Fawkes masks to the Occupy movement), except that in order to be opposite, they must in some sense be comparable and DKR is far superior to the others artistically, commercially and philosophically. The crazed theater shooter, if he turns out to be as much of...