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You people need to get off of Costas. He is a smart man who has expressed conservative views and liberal ones. Get over it. We are becoming the Democrats with Lieberman... if a peson doesn't fall in line 100% throw them under the bus.......... is that the new slogan?
Almost half DO NOT PAY ONE SINGLE DIME IN FEDERAL INCOME TAX. Does that spell it out for you? No one has ever said they don't pay other taxes. If you take into account every single tax we do pay, almost ALL Americans pay over 40% in taxes throughout the year. But you want more......
Yes... back in the day when we had values and morals and tried to instaill them into our children was horrible....
Newt's right. Many of you out there will be blind to the notion and think it won't happen and won't want to believe it... but, if Hillary runs, she will ALMOST be unbeatable. The economy is going to bounce back some regardless of what Obama does. He is going to get cradit and Hillary is going to ride in saying "more time" to make it even better and to state her case as to why she would have been better at foriegn policy (and she probably would have been). This is why what Ann Coulter said makes complete sense. The Republicans cannot win and cannot win the marketing campaign in the media. They should stand down and let Obama and the Dems do what they want economically so that own it 100% and cannot blame republicans for...
I watched this movie and laughed to myself that the week before it came out many on the left wanted to connect Bane to Bain. I laughed because as I watched is was extremely loud and clear that this was a conservative movie. Obama and the left with OWS was Bane and the whole French Revolution thing was obvious. It is very clear that thi is lambasting the OWS and French revolution mindset. Notice how we have not heard another word this week from the left trying to associate this movie in some way against Romney? It is because it is clearly against the economic ideology of Obama & OWS.
Tort reform is MUCH higher because they do not take into account the Doctor's liability insurance needed for private practice (MIN. of $1 million in Florida) nor do they take into account the Doctors who have left or never started practices because of it.
I want Romney with Rubio as VP I want Bolton to be named Sec of State I want Ryan in charge of the Budget, whatever position that is I want Powell as Sec of Defense or, at the very least, a past General with real experience, not just a General promoted because of ties to one party or the other.
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Fast and Furious Is Not a D.C. Law Firm

David3655 Wrote: Jul 12, 2012 2:06 PM
The bottom line is this is a VERY serious cover up and the reasons for not giving up the documentation to the oversight comittee is very flimsy. Another example of Obama's "transparency". As for "Wide reciever". it is irrelevent. It was a COMPLETELY different program from F & F and was discontinued by the Bush Administration when there was the slightest hint that something could go wrong.
Sounds to me like he worked for it. His problem, and yours should be as well, is the fraud and abuse wasting billions
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The "God-Particle" and God

David3655 Wrote: Jul 10, 2012 1:37 PM
I do not understand why so many think there has to be a creator OR evolution? Personally, I believe in both. Quite honestly, to say there is no God is like saying there is no starting point. If the Universe is constantly expanding and creatures evolving, then those two things alone prove there must be a starting point: aka - God.
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