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There will be such a gush of adoration once she declares that her famous words will fit perfectly behind any issue ever raised. Try it yourself. Say out loud something about the economy, foreign policy, health care, whatever - then say What difference does it really make - and poof - you've got every campaign slogan, bumper sticker, debate topic and teleprompter page for the next two years. It won't matter kids because they now have the chance to make history again, and to replace racist with sexist! And if you get called a sexist - what difference does it make anyway? See how easy that is? Buh bye reason and common sense. What difference does it make anyway? Oops did it again. This gets really easy after a bit.
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Memo to the Gang of 15

David356 Wrote: Dec 28, 2013 11:35 AM
Careful sports fans, Hewitt, although bragging about his California setting, is firmly entrenched inside the beltway philosophically and can be very comfortable taking the occasional dip in the RINO hot tub. That he even includes Rove's name anywhere in his piece is a dead giveaway. Rove will do more damage than good. Thanks Karl, buh bye. Also read Hugh's stuff with several grains of salt nearby. He has been wrong more than right - pun intended. And one tip to any candidate, and it's going to take a lot of courage for this one, don't ever, for any reason whatsoever use a Teleprompter. We don't mind seeing you use notes. Your highly paid 'people' will insist on the prompter but please, we're begging you. Get rid of the Teleprompter NOW!
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