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A friend of mine observed that finally, after almost five tortuous years, Obama is uniting the country.
Four years ago who would have guessed that the Nobel Peace Prize recipient would have to be reined in from prosecuting a war of choice?
I always wondered who it was that deemed who did and did not have rights.
As noble and laudatory is Ryan's budget, we should keep in mind that over half of this once greatest of nations voted for more debt, more free zhit, more platitudes about having it all without paying for it, to denigrate those that actually produce and to celebrate the parasite.
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Let's Build on the Paul Filibuster

David3269 Wrote: Mar 08, 2013 11:36 PM
Of course you ignore two important events that effectively raised taxes. One he signed off on accelerating the plan to raise the payroll tax rate, and two, he signed off on cutting all manner of tax deductions from the tax code. Perhaps you're old enough to remember being able to deduct almost all interest payments, not just mortgage interest payments, at tax time.
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Hard Truths Coming

David3269 Wrote: Feb 18, 2013 10:10 PM
Bush tried to initiate SS reform to help forestall a crisis, you guys blasted him for it.
So Ann, what does your Fat friend in Trenton have to say about all this?
So we'll chalk you up as an ardent leftist. Fine. As to what you understand about tax increases and entitlement reforms, a bit of historical knowledge would go a long way to explaining the road well traveled. In your case though be careful lest your head explode.
We don't fall for those tricks either. You may call yourself a fiscal conservative, but you argue like a tax and squander liberal. By far, in a huge unending way, the greatest driver of Government deficit spending and accrued debt is entitlement spending. Spending never invisioned by the constitution, spending that would have been anthema to one of the greatest ever Democratic Presidents, Grover Cleveland. If you want to point out GOP irresponsibilty start with Nixon's EPA and Earned Income Credit, talk about Reagan getting snookered by Tip O'Neal, and talk about George W. Bush and his groteseque Medicaid Part D. War spending does end and in the greater scheme of things trivial compared to systemic entitlement spending.
The answer as to what started the destruction of the black family unit is obvious, LBJ's New Deal and the LW propaganda war directed at the black community telling them they are incapable of succeeding without a Sugar Daddy in Washington.
Perhaps Jindal, Rubio, C. Rice, and Daniel Doherty could tell us what brought them to the GOP in the first place. Perhaps instead of attacking Romney for relating what is patently obvious, maybe they could tell us what to say that doesn't include competing with Bama Claus and his merry bunch of wealth redistributors.
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