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to $6 billion and was profitable last quarter?
My appologies. Part of my post didn't make it. Read it above.
file for bankruptcy. How many government employees both at the national and state level make less today than they did over a decade ago? For that matter, how many in the private sector? We at American are not seeking exorbitant compensation. We are attempting to be paid at least close to what the pilots at other major airlines are paid by their companies. Is that unreasonable considering that even in bankruptcy our company has increased its cash position from about $4 bill
Addtional point: 9. We are incharge of equipment that is valued sometimes above $100 million. One mistake and it will cost millions. How much should someone be compensated with that kind of responsibility?
Exactly. Which is why you should have read my entire post. The company's making money, increasing its cash position and we are not demanding exorbitant pay compared to our competitors. So what was that about the market? The ones who do not have to respond to the market are government employees. They should, eventually they will as we run out of money, but right now they don't. Save your ire for them.
con't 8. Many pilots are also armed Federal Agents without a dime of compensation for their services. Now go check what the compensation for such a demanding, highly-skilled and highly responsible job is compared to other professions. If you are honest, you will find the pilots of American Airlines are woefully undercompensated. We have many First Officers, bringing with them all the experience I mentioned, working here for over a decade and still making less that 100K. It is also worth mentioning that we are not unreasonable. We took a 30% pay cut in 2003 to “save the company from bankruptcy,” whereupon management immediately paid themselves multi-million dollar bonuses and continued to do so each year right up until 2011when we did
con't 4. You are evaluated every nine months, not only on knowledge, but real-time performance in a simulator to prove you still maintain the skills and facilities to perform your job in emergence conditions. 5. You are subject to evaluation on the job not just by your company (as in most jobs) but also by the FAA. 6. Your job is considered so important by the Feds, you are subject constant drug and alcohol testing. Fail and you are unemployable as a pilot anywhere. 7. Your job is considered so important by the Feds, that if you make a mistake, you can face a Senate-like hearing in front of the NTSB to evaluate whether or not you can continue to work as an airline pilot.
Have any of you taken the time to consider what it takes to be a professional airline pilot? What do you think the compensation for this job should be? 1. It takes years of expensive training to acquire the hours and experience to even be considered for the job or it takes years of serving the country as a military pilot to also reach that point of consideration. (It costs about $200 an hour for light aircraft training today. It would cost about $150,000 just to reach the level of experience to be hired as a commuter pilot) 2. On the job, you have hundreds of people's lives in your hands. 3. You must pass a physical every six months to prove you are physically capable of performing as a professional pilot.
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