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The Real Root of Atheists' Anti-Christmas Rage

David3036 Wrote: Dec 03, 2012 4:22 AM
Oh, give us a break! That "poor me" attitude coming from Christians is just nauseating. Christians represent an overwhelming majority in this country, they get outrageous tax breaks for their organized churches, they have a good part of the broadcast spectrum reserved for their messages, their celebrations are federal holidays, and they expect more and more privileges -- including the "right" to spread their messages in schools and public places. Tolerance? You have it in spades and don't even appreciate it.
Why do some atheists embarrass themselves year after year trying to eradicate Christmas from American culture? Why do they make themselves societal hemorrhoids during this hallowed season? Is it because they are crusaders for equality, secularism’s saviors and humanism’s heroes? I’m sure that’s what they tell themselves when they’re pouting on their couches all alone on Christmas Eve after every single one of their friends has dumped them for being a rabid jackass.

I believe, however—and I could be wrong—that the reason some rage against the machine is that they hate God and love their sin, and bringing up Jesus in...

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