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The Opposite of the Civil Rights Movement

David3036 Wrote: Feb 09, 2013 2:58 PM
Not biological in nature? That is simply untrue. Dr. Richard Pillard, a psychiatrist at Boston University School of Medicine, points out that homosexuality exists "in virtually every animal species that has been exhaustively studied." In her book "Evolution’s Rainbow," author and evolutionary biologist Joan Roughgarden explores the range of diversity in sexuality, including homosexuality, within the animal kingdom. The bonobo chimp of the Congo, man’s closest cousin in the animal kingdom, is almost 100 percent bisexual. In biology, anything that occurs in more than 1 percent of a species is considered natural, not an anomaly. Homosexuality is FOR SURE a natural state of being.

NOTE: This is the first column in a series of columns related to National Marriage Week, Feb. 7-14, 2013.

Those who remember the old version of the SAT might recall the analogy section: “This is to that as that is to this.”

The SAT no longer requires students to demonstrate aptitude in reasoning through this vital cognitive exercise—unfortunate because so many Americans find it difficult to recognize false analogies. And no group has exploited this deficiency more than politicians.

Adam Cohen observed in a 2005 New York Times piece: “Intentionally misleading comparisons are becoming the dominant mode of public discourse....