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Joseph, it's nice to know you are smarter than every single medical and psychological expert who disagrees with you. They are members of every single mainstream medical and psychological organization that has told us the exact opposite of your statement about "preference" -- not to mention every gay person who can tell you he or she never had a choice about their attractions. I didn't choose to be straight and neither did you. We were just born that way. And every gay person in the world was also born the way they are.
Predictable response, Mud. You never have anything positive to say to defend your position, so you just throw out insults.
Why does anyone give Matt Barber the time of day? Why do people still believe the BS that he’s a Christian who just loves everyone? Some people in this forum think I’m trying to discredit him just because he’s a Christian. No way! Most Christians are wonderful people. My children and grandchildren are Christians, as well as most of my extended family. \No, I just want to call attention to Barber’s hypocrisy, because he claims to be a loving Christian and doesn’t even recognize how hateful he really is. They think I vilify Barber because he tells “the truth,” but in fact it’s his LIES that I challenge. It’s those same lies that have made him a special target of the Human Rights Campaign. This is man who has boasted about his role in persuading Russian lawmakers to do what he can’t get American lawmakers to do – pass harsh anti-gay legislation with severe penalties. This is a man who claims that gay couples “purchase kids” and treat them like pets. This is a man who has said that the disproportionately high rate of suicide among gay youth was because “kids who are engaging in homosexual behavior often look inward and know that what they are doing is unnatural, is wrong, is immoral, and so they become depressed and the instances of suicide can rise.” I’ve got news for him – those gay kids are suicidal because they’re told every day by groups like his Liberty Counsel, and every Sunday from the pulpits, that they’re worthless sinners. They suffer in silence until they finally give up on life, and then guys like Barber tell us it was their own fault.
And, by the way, we already KNOW you don't care!
Kneejerk reactions don't make your case, Mud. We can always depend on you to call people idiots, or treasonous, or something even worse, just because you don;t agree with their politics. You never really offer a rebuttal -- just name-calling. You realize, don't you, that people see through you -- that you haven't given them one shred of anything to think about?
Hawkins need to stick to writing about things he knows something about. No transgender person makes such decisions lightly. There is a lot of psychiatric evaluation and treatment involved before doctors will even begin hormone treatments, let alone surgery. For most transgenders, the feeling of being the other gender has persisted since early childhood. To gain a little empathy for these folks, I recommend the 1997 Belgian movie "Ma Vie en Rose" (My Life in Pink, not to be confused with the French movie "La Vie en Rose," which is the biography of singer Edith Piaf). "Ma Vie en Rose" is the moving story of Ludovic, a little boy who insists he’s supposed to be a girl and will be one someday. He dreams of being a princess and talks about marrying the neighbor boy. The neighbor boy’s parents see him as a disturbed kid, and the movie deals with the way his cross-dressing and love of girlie things affect his family. The film won a Golden Globe award for “Best Foreign Language Film” in 1988. Because conflicts related to gender identity are recognized at such an early age, it would be wrong to say that the desire to change is simply a choice, or that it goes against God’s plan for that person, as many religious conservatives argue. When a transsexual can finally reconcile the mind and the body, the personality changes are often as profound as the physical ones.
Yeah, right along with cursing your father or mother, cooking while menstruating, interracial marriage and cutting your sideburns.
And that is somehow better than getting it from sex?
Why would I do that. My children and grandchildren are mostly Christians. My brothers are Christians. My parents were Christians. Barber does not have a lock on "the truth." Evangelicals do not have a lock on "the truth." The Methodist congregation that defrocked their minister for presiding over the same-sex wedding of his own son does not have a lock on "the truth." Fortunately, most Christians do not agree with them, or with you. The majority now favor equal rights for gays, including marriage -- even Catholics, according the polls. The Public Religion Research Institute conducted a survey in 2011. When Catholics were asked if they favored same-sex marriage, 43 percent answered in the affirmative. When the question was reworded to specify “civil marriage” -- which is, after all, the only thing that can be enshrined into the law -- the percentage in favor jumped to 71 percent. It seems that too many Americans believe, wrongly, that legal same-sex marriage will force their churches to embrace marriage for gays.
It DOESN'T matter, except to those people who keep repeating the 2 percent figure in order to minimize their importance in society -- or to make some stupid point about AIDS. Do you keep the fact that you're straight to yourself? I don't. I proclaim it be being married to the woman of my dreams for 49 years. Why should any gay person have to remain closeted just so you won't be offended?
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