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The killing of Muslims by other Muslims in the Middle East is largely a religious war of Shi'ites against Sunnis -- not unlike the Irish "troubles" that pitted Protestant Christians against Catholics. There is not a nickel's worth of difference, ethnically or even religiously, between the two groups, just as there was little ethnic difference between Irish Christians. After 9/11, we should have gone after terrorist camps, but not replaced governments with other governments. Once a new government is in power, the leaders rule for their own group and not for all of their citizens. So the religious civil wars go on They perceive that America favors one side over the other, and now they are targeting Christians. As the late Christopher Hitchens said, "Religion poisons everything.".
I think the crux of the problem is that Muhammed was not a very nice man. I don't believe in the divinity of Jesus, but at least he was a nice guy, and wroth following.
And you think the book of Revelation is not full of silly ideas?
"If Muslims ever take over this country..."? Don't make me laugh. Christians have a pretty lock on it, with a church on every corner and 80 percent of the population Christian.
And I might add that Obama is bombing them,.What are YOU doing besides writing stupid stuff?
Giles, you need to step out of your muddled mind once in a while and see what's going on in the world. Who's giving Muslims "a pass"? Almost nobody. Have you not observed that Muslim women themselves are fighting for women's rights in the Muslim world, and that a girl was viciously attacked because she stood up for education for girls? Have you not noticed that liberal Bill Maher is one of the most vocal critics of Islam in America? Have you not noticed that atheists disdain all religions equally, and that they point to the horrors of Islam as proof that religion is a cancer that poisons the mind? When a religious person is so convinced he is right that he will use religion as an excuse to kill, to mistreat gay people, try to brainwash them into becoming straight, to subjugate women or take money from little old ladies on Social Security to support "the ministry," the atheist says you are all full of sh_t -- and that applies to all religions.
If that is how you wish to handle this issue, go join ISIS or move to Iran. And keep your bloody hands off of America, where we have more humanitarian traditions.
The difference is that the next-of-kin relationship you describe is not a marriage, and it's "marriage" that is written into 1,100 laws at the federal level alone and hundreds of state laws.
Wmou, you can rest assured that no church will be required to host or perform a same-sex wedding. And why should they? There are plenty of gay-friendly churches that are happy to do so. Churches have ALWAYS been free to accept or reject a couple to be married in the church. Catholics reject divorced couples. Churches reject Jewish or interfaith couples and so do many synagogues. There is ZERO movement toward forcing churches to change their policies. It is different in some countries such as the UK, but that's because they have a state church. Our Constitution guarantees the we NEVER will
Mud, would that be any different if gays had all the rights of marriage but were given different terminology? That is what Eagle was suggesting.
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