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This article is just more paranoia from Matt Barber, who is constantly raising fears about loss of freedom of speech in this country. The very fact that he can write what he writes is evidence that free speech is alive and well in America. But he keeps pointing to Canada and Britain, where they have laws against hate speech, and warning that it could happen here. When people speak up anti-gay groups and individuals, they, too, are exercising their freedom of speech. And if people want to donate to a cause, they are free to do so but should not expect that information to be private. All Americans have the right to know who is trying to influence their votes, and the courts have confirmed that.
I think you have it backwards. All the hateful stuff has come from you, from Darby, Stan and a few others. Those of us who have tried to make reasoned arguments and actually educate people on the subject of homosexuality are answered with lies, insults and name-calling. Didn't you mother ever tell you that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?
I guess the gay community and their supporters, me included, admire the people who fight for their causes and overlook their foibles, just as the JFK and Clinton worshipers do. You probably do the same with your heroes. The Mexican-American community counts Cesar Chavez as a hero, even though he sent his thugs to beat up other Mexicans trying to cross the border, afraid they would undermine the wages of his union workers. Jennings' admiration for what Harry Hay accomplished is no different.
I stand corrected. I just went back and read that exchange myself.
That is a question that has yet to be answered, but it's irrelevant. We know there is a genetic component to being tall without being able to identify a "tall gene." The percentage of homosexuals, whatever that percentage is, has likely been the same in every generation.
Are you still bringing up this BS about homosexuals "evolving"? If you want to argue in this vein, learn something about genetics first. A certain percentage of humans will always be born gay. And given the fact that homosexuality is found in virtually every animal species on earth, it sure as heck doesn't have anything to do with artificial insemination.
No, but I would guess that it does suck to be you. Nobody with that much hate in his bones can ever be completely happy, in this life or the next -- if there is a next. Personally, I've had a wonderful life, a wonderful marriage, five wonderful kids and 13 wonderful grandchildren. My gay son is as happy and healthy as his brothers and sisters, because he always knew he was loved. With 13 grandchildren I'm guessing there will be at least one who is gay -- and that's OK, because all their parents love their kids unconditionally.
You can admire Thomas Jefferson without admiring his affair with a slave woman or the fact that he didn't acknowledge her children as his own. You can admire Martin Luther King Jr. without admiring his adulterous affairs. You can admire JFK without admiring the fact that he had prostitutes in the White House. You can admire Newt Gingrich without admiring his serial adultery. There are many reasons to admire Harry Hay for what he accomplished for the gay community. Yes, he was a communist and went a little wacko in his later years. And yes, he did support the right of NAMBLA to march in Gay Pride parades. Nevertheless, he was a key figure in the early gay-rights movement.
Jennings has acknowledged that he told the boy only to be sure to use a condom with the older man, but did not advise the student to terminate the relationship,. He has expressed regret that he didn't. The kid, who is now in his 40s and was in a consensual relationship with the older man, has come to Jennings' defense and even produced his driver's license to prove he was over the age of consent (16) at the time, in 1988. That does not excuse Jennings, however, who should have done more.
I think you knew he meant rapists. No need to be insulting.
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