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The school principal, Peggy Dodds, had a different version of the event, According to her, Turner was not given an in-school suspension. She wasn’t sent out of the classroom, either -- she chose to walk out. And she wasn’t punished by the teacher for saying “God bless you,” but for “disrupting the classroom” during what was supposed to be a quiet time. Apparently it would not have mattered what she said in response to the sneeze, because she was simply asked to be quiet. Turner took that as an attack on her faith and further disrupted the class by trying to defend it. This is the same sort of "rush to judgment" that happened in Ferguson, Missouri. Don't pop off about events as they are reported on the Internet because the report is often one-sided. Limbaugh has an axe to grind in trying to prove his "war on religion," which is just as phony as the war on women. As for the "separation of church and state," does it really matter any more what were the actual words in the Constitution, now that so many courts have interpreted it the same way? Some of you won't be happy until there are official prayers in the classroom and kids are taught creationism, but that's NOT going to happen.
When a scientific "theory" has an overwhelming amount of evidence supporting it, as with the theory of gravity, we accept it as fact even though it can't be "proven." (There is also a LAW of gravity, but that simply tells us what will happen when the student drops the feather in a vacuum -- it does not tell us WHY that happens. But we really think we DO know why..) It's the same with the science of evolution, which has progressed WAY beyond what Darwin knew. And just where would we be in terms of unwanted pregnancies and the spread of STDs if schools did NOT teach sex ed? Keeping kids ignorant is not a solution to those problems.
How about a jelly roll?
The Department of Health and Human Services shows MUCH lower figures for 2014 -- about 60 million on cash welfare and food stamps combined, and it says that only 4.1 percent of the population is on "welfare" (presumably counting only the 13 million getting cash and not the 47 million getting food stamps). But that only shows that, with so many different programs, It's difficult to define what we mean by "welfare." In addition to cash and food stamps, there is Medicaid, the WIC program, free school lunches, job-training programs, etc. And what are we to make of the new subsidies for health insurance under Obamacare? Shouldn't those be considered "welfare" too? The CNS article seems to include everything except veterans benefits as a handout, but there are other things that shouldn't be regarded as handouts. Unemployment benefits are paid for by the employers. Social Security retirement benefits and Medicare are EARNED over a lifetime. And SSI is only for the disabled (although it's handed out too freely and there's a lot of fraud.)
I predict they will inevitably pay millions more in punitive damages because they denied responsibility.
It's true that divorce rates are in decline. It's also true that only 20-25 percent of first-time marriages end in divorce. But those individuals in the failed 20 to 25 percent of first marriages continue to marry and divorce. That's why the statement that nearly half of ALL marriages end in divorce is still true. The National Survey of Family Growth reported via PolitiFact.com in 2012 that the lifelong probability of a marriage ending in divorce is 40 to 50 percent. That does not mean that 40 to 50 percent of all INDIVIDUALS who marry will divorce. You have to be careful with statistics and understand exactly what is being claimed.
That was NOT religious repression. German law simply does not allow for home-schooling. Given the country's past, it is probably a good idea that they make sure their kids receive particular lessons that they might not receive at home.
My side? What do you mean by "my side"? The Republican Party, which I have voted for in every election since 1962? (I wore an "I like Ike" button to school in the 7th grade) Has our party violated the rights of Americans? Eisenhower backed the Civil Rights Acts of 1957 and 1960, which created the Civil Rights Commission and the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department, which gave the department the job of helping to register black voters. It wasn't until your religious-right faction got a stranglehold on the party that we began to see some of the party attempts to restrict human rights in the name of Christianity.
The gay activists PASSED OUT FLOWERS in front of Pastor Jim Franklin's church during the Prop 8 campaign. He thanked them from the pulpit, but then inexplicably labeled it a "violent protest" the next day in talking with the media. After the proposition passed, Franklin claimed he received death threats, but that's a frequent claim that is very difficult to prove without phone recordings or written notes. For every anti-gay Christian who claims to have received a death threat, I could name 10 cases of gays who have been threatened with death -- and those threats are sometimes actually carried out.
Why would you have to go "undercover" to photograph a coach and his team praying in the open on a football field? And why in the world would you think anyone of integrity -- believer on nonbeliever -- would support a coach sexually abusing players? Your arguments are, simply, looney.
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