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Alive, the protest at St. Patrick's Cathedral in 1988 was staged by ACT-UP, Larry Kramer's radical group whose sole purpose was to call attention to the AIDS crisis, which was pretty much ignored during the early stages when some major research funding might have made a big difference (Watch the HBO movie, "The Normal Heart.") You could argue with their tactics but not their purpose. Their antics worked to some extent in getting attention paid to AIDS. But it was not a protest for gay rights, nor was ACT-UP focused on gay rights.
You're comparing apples and oranges. You still don't seem to understand the concept of "freedom." The guy who got canned was free to express whatever he wished about the gay Bible, but that did not mean he was protected from the CONSEQUENCES of expressing his views. Nobody, even a gay person or black person, has an absolute right to hold a job. For the employer, freedom means being able to hire and fire at will UNLESS the firing violates an anti-discrimination law. Even though this guy is a Christian, his religion was not the reason he was fired.
Voicing disapproval and engaging in illegal discrimination are two different things.
So, if Satan didn't exist, God would tend the fires himself?
No, you're wrong. I capitalize it when I refer to the god you believe in. I don't when I'm referring to a god generically.
That's just not true. It wasn't the government who fired this journalist. The government isn't suppressing anyone's freedom of speech, and private objection to someone's speech is simply another person's right to freedom of speech. You are free to disapprove of homosexuals, and homosexuals are free to disapprove of your disapproval. See how that works?
Runny you should mention that. One study in 1998 used two methods of getting answers -- a standard interview method and one conducted anonymously via a computer. The difference in the answers was striking, with a 400 percent increase in males reporting homosexual activity (from 1.5 percent to 5.5 percent) when they were communicating only with a computer. One behavior -- anal sex with another male -- increased by 800 percent when the computer was the sole interface with the interviewee. The greater the taboo, it seems, the less honest are the answers if the subject is sitting face-to-face with a pollster.
Nobody has claimed that gay people are the only ones being bullied in school. But no Christian gets physically bullied just for being a Christian, while gays do get bullied and even driven to suicide just for being gay.
Glad you're having a good time. I'm having a good laugh myself, over some people's concept of Satan.
Is there some reason that God didn't dispatch Satan a long time ago instead of waiting for the final battle between good and evil? Is it the fact that God needs someone to tend the fires so he'll have a place to send sinners?
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