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The End of Counterinsurgency and the Scalable Force

David301 Wrote: Jun 06, 2012 10:10 AM
This is exactly how the Small Wars Manual (c.1935 from lessons learned in the 20's & 30's) describes to address counter-insurgency. And is ideally suited to the US Marine Corps IF the USMC goes back to it's light infantry/naval infantry core competencies. Everything old is new again - as the saying goes.

The U.S. military for years has debated the utility of counterinsurgency operations. Drawing from a sentiment that harkens back to the Vietnam War, many within the military have long opposed counterinsurgency operations. Others see counterinsurgency as the unavoidable future of U.S. warfare. The debate is between those who believe the purpose of a conventional military force is to defeat another conventional military force and those who believe...