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Greece Alone And Broke -- Again

David301 Wrote: Jun 21, 2012 10:25 AM
Off the subject - but highly reminiscent: "Over the past (year), exasperated (Occupiers) have rioted and blame-gamed rather than embraced self-critique and genuine efforts to open up and air out their (dependent, personal,) economy. (Occupiers) scapegoated the (Government), (Employers), Americans, Wall Street, their own leaders, (parents), (neighbors) -- anything and anyone other than (Occupiers) themselves, who clearly lived in a manner that was not commensurate with their productivity."
Kepha Wrote: Jun 21, 2012 4:50 PM
And this, I'm afraid, is why Obama will win in '012 (even if I will vote for Romney)--and at the end of another four years, Americans will gape in disbelief at rampant unemployment, inflation, renewed racial animosity, indebtedness to an unforgiving China; and then go on to blame their most productive people for not "sharing".

The recent indecisive Greek elections could be summed up by two general themes: Greeks want to stay in, and expect help from, the eurozone. But they still do not want to take the necessary medicine to stop borrowing billions of euros from northern Europeans, who want a radical Greek reform of the tax code, deregulation of labor laws, fiscal discipline, massive cuts in bureaucracy, and greater transparency -- all unlikely given Greek history and contemporary culture.

So what lies in the future for Greece as it is slowly eased out of the euro zone and its civilization...