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U.S. firms are NOT overburdened with taxes, Less than 5% of Corporations pay anywhere near 35% !/3 of them Pay ZERO Taxes and get money back on top of that !!!!! Ronnie star wars ray-gun tried that and most of the money went in their pockets NOT expanding business. Look it UP, the Data show the truth! These Corporations made the decision not take the personal responsibly and pay the tax if you wanna bring all back! Why do I always find myself explaining PERSONAL RESPONSIBLY to you righties ??
Ouote: " Uncle Joe is Confused About How Social Security Works " Well so are All Conservative Republican's !!!! Just think if Dubya would have got his way and privatized S.S. ??? The 99% would have been doomed !!!!
Quote: " Soviets Are Keep"n' it Classy" Yeah! That's what I was think'n ,Shooting down passenger Plaines to prove a point! YEAH !!!!!!! Your a sick puppy MoeFro !!
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Obamacare's Fraudulent Incentives

David296 Wrote: Jul 24, 2014 4:24 PM
Not ALL checks can or will be done immediately and when found they can be tried for Fraud so the story is WRONG !!!! Plus, Medicare and Medicaid catch fraud , nor does the IRS ! Again you're making a story out of nothing again!
Conservatives are always saying whats wrong with Obama, If Sanctions Are Not The Answer ... Why is ??????
Yes more jobs for Texas, or so sayz your graph, and ALL the jobs are MINIMUM WAGE JOBS. Everyone mark'n time and TEXAS stays poor and unregulated. I can move my Fertilizer plant to Texas blow it up, kill dozens of people and not worry about prosecution.
quote "Most Say Opposition to Obama Has Pretty Much Nothing to Do With Race" Who did this poll? How can you not know it's racism pure and simple, if for no other reason When Obama was taking office at least 11 Republican leaders were meeting pledging NOT to cooperate with this president and anything, make'em look bad no matter how bad the depression gets. and they held that pledge right up to yesterday!! How could anyone with half brain not know this ????? Never been one before in our history never !!!!!! Had not made one law yet, no one could know what he would do, yet NO cooperation from day one ! It can't be anything but RACISM . Hell the Dems didn't do that to Bush and he wasn't fairly elected (ever) but was appointed by the courts in his first term.
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Save the Polar Bears with Communism?

David296 Wrote: Jul 10, 2014 6:05 PM
"Save the Polar Bears with Communism" Well Michael Schaus you got it half right, The Commies will do a better job than Capitalism, History shows us that, but our best bet is on Socialism to fix the environment. and save the Plant!! free markets and capitalism destroys, it takes it all, right to the last drop and leaves nothing for future generations to look at!
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The President’s Amnesty Shell Game

David296 Wrote: Jul 10, 2014 5:10 PM
Instead of repeating Faux News, Please provide some facts for above statements ? Bye the Bye President Darth Cheney and his meat puppet Duby had 8 years to fix this and what happened? ZERO! President Obama should do what Ronnie Start Wars Ray-Gun did ... Full and Immediate Amnesty for all !!!!!
You can thank the 'Ronnie Star Wars Ray-Gun for our current Immigration mess, starting with his amnesty of 3/4 million.
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