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I think you are declaring VICTORY a little too early! Do you really think the Feds are done with this range war ... REALLY !!!
NO! ............. Let me see, It's been said (demonstrated) that the Koch brothers spent between 400 and 600 MILLION during the last election cycle ... YEP! they matter.
Kept it up Harry, hopefully most will get it?
Cause "DEFICTS DON'T MATTER" just ask Ronnie star wars ray gun's staff.
Yes he did, Just like CON-gress supported President Cheney and his right hand meat puppet Dubya's mass genocide and torture.
Fewer Limits on Campaign Contributions Strengthens the RIGHT WING NUTS and the country gets ever so much closer to complete COLLAPSE !
Really ! Your still tell'n this half truth !!! It' so over people , Obama care is here to stay.
US now spending 26% of available tax revenue just to pay interest, and 86% of that interest is being paid to "We the People" For the "LOW INFORMATION VOTERS" That means > were paying that interest to ourselfs cause we';ve borrowed from ourselves.
Question > Is Harry Reid the Most Corrupt Senator in DC ? Answer > NO! There's at least 50 republicans a head of him. > No Americans are not liars, But so far everyone that has been a quest on right wing T.V. & Radio have lied. So say the "Fact Checkers" I'm just say'n
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Obama Impeachment Almost Complete

David296 Wrote: Mar 24, 2014 12:36 PM
Why are you leaving out Hoover and his DEPRESSION ? FDR faced an unemployment rate for the years 1923-29 was 3.3 percent. In 1931 it jumped to 15.9%, by 1933 it was 24.9 % it was under 10% by 1941 and 7% soon after. The first 100 days of FDR were remarkable. Hardly an insane path!!!
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